Sunday, June 15, 2008

I must be doing something right!

I've decided that I just don't remember the bad things that happen when it comes to my children. Kaleb is potty training. Every time he goes potty, he gets some candy. Well, his brothers see this and want some candy, too (naturally - I want it as well). I don't think they should have any candy. They already had this experience and they got their rewards when the were learning, too. But as I am telling this to Riley, I'm realizing, I can't remember if we gave him candy or not. I do remember he was the worst to try and train. He wanted nothing to do with potty training and every time I would try to potty train him, he fought me. Then he turned four and a month later, he decided to be potty trained. And wah-lah! Miracles of miracles, he was potty trained. With Zach, he was about two months from turning 3 and I found out I was pregnant with Kaleb. I told him he had to be potty trained because I did not want to have three kids in diapers. He just complied. I thought it would take a long time to train him, but he was easy. Well, I was expecting the same thing out of Riley. When will we learn that our children are all different? Riley said no way. Well, Kaleb is doing great. Since school got out, I decided it was time to get serious. I just happened to be on the Internet one evening and there was this Today show segment about potty training in one day. I thought, whatever! This I have to see. I watched it and the nurse who does this "potty training boot camp" said that we need to teach them that it is their responsibility to go in the potty. Very fascinating and interesting stuff. So I tried the things she suggested and it seems to be working. He did not have and accident today! :) Oh, we started this on Friday. He had an accident in his car seat Friday - that was wonderful! Weee! Anyway. We let him run around the house half naked and every time he needed to go, he would sit on the potty. He got so excited when he would do it. It was soooo cute! I'm excited that he is doing well. He got to pick out a small Star Wars toy because he went all day with out an accident. He was so excited. He also has a sticker chart (I know I did this with all of my kids!) that every time he goes potty, he gets a sticker. When his chart of 100 squares if filled up, he gets a toy from the store. He found this big Batman pillow and he wants it, so I told him when his chart is all filled up we can get him the Batman pillow. He's so excited. I am so proud of him! Here is a link to that potty training story I was talking about: