Sunday, October 31, 2010

Anything Can Happen On Halloween!

Because we live in the state shaped like a box with a little box on top of it, we went trick-or treating yesterday.  Something about keeping the Sabbath day holy or whatever.  We're just like that.  Today would have been a better day to go, though.  It rained.  But my kids wanted to go anyway.  So I put on my coat, grabbed my camera and umbrella, and we were off.  Kaleb didn't even make it up the street.  I drug him back home screaming and crying because his hands were cold.  Then, I started walking back to Zach and Riley.  Only I meet Riley on the way heading back home too.  "Which way did Zach go?"  I asked him.  "I don't know," he replies.  Long story short, I lost my child.  He didn't wait for me, though.  So I went home, yelled at Kurtis for wanting to take care of trick-or-treaters over his child (Yep.  I called him and asked him to come pick up Kaleb really quick), got in the car, and went looking for him.  I drove around for an hour.  I could not find him any where.  It was dark, he was dressed in dark, navy blue.  You do the math.  Finally, my friend called me and told me he was at her house.  He had told me he wanted to trick-or-treat the whole neighborhood.  Well, he did.  And then some.  When I picked him up, he said, "I didn't know it was eight o'clock."  It wasn't.  That wasn't the point.  I freaked out, and cried when we got home.  I told him I didn't know where he was, and I was coming back to go with him, and he shouldn't be going all alone in the dark.  I asked him if he was scared.  He said, "No.  Wanna know why?"  Of course I wanted to know why.  "Because I had this!"  He holds up his flashlight.  That's great, but I got to have a very scary Halloween because of my independent child.
At five a.m. I was awakened this morning to the melodious sounds of Riley vomiting.  Yippee!  So exciting.  Puke sucks.  Some how I still managed to get to church at nine on time.  I only brought Zach with me, though.  You'd think he could be reverent during Sacrament Meeting since he was all alone, but no.  He was just way, way more bored.  After I got home, we took his temperature.  It was 101.3.  Kaleb's was higher.  He wins.  101.8.  Then I played farmville because Kurtis went into this big, long explanation about why we get a fever.  I didn't really feel like my attention span was that long.  It's really quite short for being an adult and all.
Because today is my most favorite holiday, and we made the choice not to trick-or-treat today, I wanted to do something fun.  I made mummy pizzas for dessert.  They are so easy.  You just take Rhodes dough, let it thaw, and then squish it into individual pizza sizes.  I used the Texas rolls, but they were still pretty small.  I ate two, but I probably shouldn't have.  I've been eating way too much candy.  After dinner, I made caramel apples while belting songs from the Wicked soundtrack.  They're in the fridge, and Kaleb wouldn't eat his dinner, so he doesn't get one.  Maybe I will be in a better mood tomorrow, and let him have a bite.  I really doubt it if he doesn't eat his dinner.  It's getting old.  He didn't want to eat last night either.  We had to tell him he wouldn't be able to go trick-or-treating if he didn't eat.  He ate the three more bites, but he sure didn't finish his soup.  Arg.

 So this year, we have a Union Soldier, a bleeding Scream, and a skeleton.  Kaleb didn't wear the mask trick-or-treating.  It was a challenge just getting him to put it on for the pictures.  Weird.  It's the best part of the costume!

 This is the beautiful site I saw as we went up the street.  The clouds are surrounding the top of the mountain, so you can't see it.  Gorgeous.

 One of the neighbor's houses we hit.

 Kaleb has almost reached his limit here.  But it wasn't quite dark yet when I took him back.

 Mummy Pizzas!  These aren't done, yet.  By the time they were done, the cheese was all melted together, and didn't quite look so awesome.

 Making caramel apples.

Nose picker!
  Dancing through life...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Celebrations (Part Two)

Oh, my goodness!  I forgot to put up some pictures of Riley's second grade program.  Every Halloween, the second graders put on a very fun Halloween program.  They sing songs, and do little hand movements, and each class has their own little poem they recite together.  It was awesome.  So much fun.  Wednesday was the day.  We left Kaleb home with Zach in charge.  They had both already seen it, and the school is so close if anything happened that Zach couldn't handle, we could get back quickly.  Zach called us 4 times when Kaleb woke up crying, but we told him how much pain medicine to give him, and all was well.  He's such a good brother.  I love this program because it's all about Halloween, and because the kids get to dress in their costumes for it.  Riley said he couldn't wear his mask, though.  He's dressed as a skeleton, and at one point during the program, the Velcro closing it shut in the back came undone.  I told him next time that happens, he needs to turn to his neighbor and as him to put him back together. I didn't take any video, though, so all you get are pictures.  I'll just do a couple because most of them are blurry.

These are two of the second grade classes.  The others are hidden by the heads of all the tall people who don't have much consideration for all the short people.  We should have gotten there sooner.  Then we could have had front row seats.  These things are a pretty big deal here.

 Here, the children are pretending to be jazz players playing some sweet jazzy tunes on their saxophones.

 Riley after the show.

 Cool decorations!  I want that spider.  Maybe next year.

Last night was our ward party.  They kept calling a fall festival, but it was a Halloween party.  I mean, hell-oh!  People were encouraged to wear costumes for crying out loud!  It was a total blast, though.  We all brought soup, chili, or rolls.  I brought rolls.  I didn't want to make soup.  All the kids were dressed up in their costumes.  Some of the parents got into the spirit, too.  I was a witch.  Kurtis doesn't like to dress up, so I said he could be a Mormon.  His costume was way awesome.  Mine was better, though.  Because witches are hot.  One dad was a pregnant woman.  I'm pretty sure he wore his wife's clothes.  It was kinda creepy.  Our bishop and his wife dressed up as Wilson from Castaway.  Here, let me just show you!

 Kaleb wanted his snake to be dressed up, too.  He put this costume together himself.  It's orange construction paper taped on him, and he is a pumpkin snake! :D  Clever.

 Woody came to our party!  "There's a snake in my boot!"

 The bishop's wife - dressed as Wilson.  They both wore the same thing.  This is funny because their last name is Wilson.

 Corpse Bride.

 Thing 1 and Thing 2 came! 

 And look!  It's DJ Lance from Yo Gabba Gabba!

 Love these beautiful sisters.  They really are sisters.  I wasn't just being all mormony on you.

 Thing 1 burned himself on some dry ice, and dropped it in the bucket causing a massive spill.  It was awesome.

He cleaned it up.

 A little Elephant!  So cute!

 There's my Mormon man.  And my little bleeding Scream ghost.

 Captain Hook!  Yikes!

 What a nerd.

 An Indian warrior.  No, Native American.  I must be P.C. about these things.

 I found Waldo!  And her tootsie roll! :D

 Tinker bell, a witch, and an Egyptian Princess.

 A vampire, a nerd, and half a skeleton walk into a church...

 I'm bring home a little baby bumble bee!  Won't my mommy be so proud of me! 

 A jail bird and the green M&M!  So beautiful!

 Oh, no!  A scary witch!  

 Oh, what a cute fairy!

 This young man is Thomas Edison, and next to him is Swamp Thing!  Wooooo!

 This is Kody.  He makes one beautiful girl.

I told you I was hot.

Halloween Celebrations (Part One)

Thursday, I took Kaleb to the doctor.  He didn't go to school that day, either.  He wasn't feeling well (again).  He has an ear infection, and is on antibiotics.  Seriously.  Those things are freaking awesome.  He had a great day today.  He didn't even need ibuprofen!  So because we only have one car, Kurtis worked from home.  While he did that, he also took care of baby Emily so that I could take Tyler and Lydia to the school for the Halloween parade!  It was awesome.  I'd never gone before because I always saw the parking lot full of cars and just imagined the chaos of Black Friday.  It wasn't nearly that bad.  I may go again next year because Kaleb won't be sick, and will actually get to participate.  I was super bummed that he couldn't.  We'll see.  Any way, Lydia's mom is a first grade teacher at our elementary school, and she was dressing up as a fairy godmother.  Lydia dressed up as a princess, and she wanted to have Lydia join the parade.

 Tyler dressed as Spiderman with his 6th grade buddy.

 Zachary being a goof. :)  He's a Union Soldier.

 Rachel and Lydia.  Fairy Godmother and Princess.  So cute!

 Here comes Riley!  So scary!

 This wonderful woman is the school's principal.  I think we have the greatest school ever.

That evening, we carved pumpkins!  I love Halloween!  It's the greatest holiday ever!  Kaleb was asleep when we started, but he woke up in time to join us.  Kurtis helped him create a face to that he would carve for him.  They turned out really, really awesome!

Kurtis broke my knife trying to help me get the top off my pumpkin!

Digging out the guts!
Riley and Me, working hard.
Kurtis instructs Zachary on the art of removing the top off his pumpkin.
Mmmm.  Smells like...pumpkin!
This takes a lot of concentration.
We weren't sure if he was going to wake up.  So we took a picture to prove he was there.

Kaleb and his pumpkin!
Left to right:  Zachary, Kurtis, Kaleb, Riley (Yep.  I carved it), and Melissa (Yep.  That is Oogie Boogie.  It's awesome.  I know).
Look how cool they are in the dark.
Friday morning I told Zachary he could finally make his pumpkin puke.
It's got to be just right!
He puked on Kaleb's pumpkin!
 Kurtis's pumpkin.

 Kaleb's pumpkin has vampire teeth.

 If you buy Cookie Crisp cereal, you'll know this pattern was on the back of the box.  Riley wanted to make it his pumpkin this year.  I ended up doing the carving.

Zachary's pumpkin has a dragon drawn on the back.
"I might just split a seam now 
If I don't die laughing first!"