Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just Doing Their Job!

Tonight while my husband and I were cleaning up our pumpkin carving mess, the dogs started barking.  I probably made some sort of disgusted noise because Kurtis said they were just protecting our house.  "Yeah," I replied.  "Just doing their job."  Kurtis then says, "When the zombie apocalypse comes, you'll be glad they bark."  I rolled my eyes and made a reference to this article I read awhile ago:  It's pretty funny.  His response was, "Yeah, [zombies] are just meat popsicles.  Neji will look at Abbey, and say, 'I don't know why it's moving, but hey! - Free MEAT!'  We wouldn't have to feed them for a week!"  We laughed, and Kurtis went downstairs to get something.  When he came back upstairs, he told me Zachary could hear our conversation, and found the "meat popsicles" comment pretty funny.  I guess you never really know when your kids are listening.

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