Friday, January 30, 2009

Community Theater

I said I would update you about Beauty and the Beast, so here we go! Well, the second week of practice, we lost our Mrs. Potts, but no worries. We have a new one. She's older (the other one was younger than me, I think!), and she's so cute. Well, last night I went to rehearsal. We were supposed to be learning the choreography for "Be Our Guest", but our choreographer was not there. So we rehearsed the music and learned "The Mob Song". I suppose when actors and stage crew are not getting payed they think it's not that big of a deal, but we want our show to be good. It's not helpful if people aren't there when they need to be. But the choreographer had a good excuse I suppose. It was work related.
When I arrived, they were holding auditions for then next up coming play The Women, so I took a moment to audition for that play. Then I went to Beauty and the Beast rehearsals. As I was leaving, the director for the next play said he would be contacting me. Sweet!
I needed to leave rehearsal early, because I had an audition in the big city that I had to get to before 10 p.m. I never made it. I didn't leave until 9, when I should have left at 8:30 (the big city is an hour from Heritage Theater). I had forgotten my headshot and resume (typical me), so I had to go home and get it. I live 30 minutes from the big city (roughly), so by the time I got home, it was 9:35. I just stayed home. I wasn't going to make it, and why waist the gas in my car. But hey, I auditioned for something else instead! It's all good. I didn't take any pictures at rehearsal this time because we weren't dancing, so I figured pictures of people sitting with their heads burried in their music books wasn't all that interesting to look at, so there ya go. More on Beauty and the Beast later!
Oh, FYI, Kaleb woke me up at like 3 or 4 this morning asking if he could sleep with me. When I touched him, he was burning up. He also has a cold. So I let him sleep on the floor next to me. He kept me up pretty much off and on and would complain that his legs hurt. So finally around 6 a.m., I let him climb in bed with us. It would be a lot easier to rub his legs if he was next to me rather than on the floor. Needless to say, I'm kind of tired today. But I am very grateful to my friend Trish. She took Riley to school, so I wouldn't have to take Kaleb outside in the cold (it's 35 degrees - yeah, I know Michele, it isn't that cold compared to Minesota, but he is not well!)and walk Riley there. It was a really nice thing to do. Now, we just have to pray that I don't get sick, because I can't be sick. I have to sing to high to get sick right now.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Why? Why? Why?

Yesterday afternoon, Zachary came running in the house crying, not screaming or anything. He told me he had hit himself in the eye with a stick. Well, there wasn't any blood and he didn't have anything in his eye, so don't worry too much. But when I looked at his eye, I could see the scratch on the lens. We went to the eye doctor this morning. It's close by, so I told Kurtis he could take the car to work. It was raining. No big deal, just a little rain. The eye doctor confirmed my thesis that he had scratched his lens. Yeah, I know. I'm a genius. So now he has to have eye drops put in his eyes. One is an antibiotic and the other is just the fake tears. I really hope that this is not a sign of what's to come for the year. I mean, seriously, can't we get through one year with out a trip to the emergency room? Boys are idiots and we always pray that they grow out of it, but they don't. They just don't.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Zoo in the Wintertime

So, I've been meaning to post some pictures of the trip we took to the zoo, but the pictures are on the basement computer, and it's cold, so I don't go down there much unless Kurtis is down there, and then we mostly just play World of Warcraft together. After that, I just want to go to bed. So I'm braving the cold of the basement and getting this done. I'm wearing my coat, so I can handle it.
On December 29, 2008, the kids, Kurtis, and I went to the zoo with my friend and three of her kids. It was so much fun! Neither of our families had been there in the winter before, so it was neat. It was like 36 degrees outside and sunny, so it wasn't too cold outside. The zoo in the winter is really cool. The animals aren't just lying around trying not to move because it's way too hot in the summer. Here are some pictures! I wanted to take more, but my camera ran out of batteries...

Kurtis with the kids at the world fountain ball thingy


Zach found a feather!

Here's my friend Nicole, Riley, her daughter Hope is in the pink coat, and her daughter Celeste is in the red coat. Check out those turkeys!

No, wait...There they are!

This little guy was hopping all over the place. Maybe he didn't want his feet to get cold!

I didn't know elephants liked Christmas trees!

Mountain lion

I have never seen the bears out before! It was fun to get to see some of the animals that usually hide in the summer.

This guy is called a Chacoan Pecarry. I've never seen them out and about before either.

There's a new carousel at our zoo. It's very cool, but closed for the winter. We will have to come back so the kids can ride it again!

I took more pictures, but I thought I was starting to bore you, so I stopped. But I do have one more cute picture for you. It's of Zach and Nicole's daughter Treasure. She also has a son named Collin, but he didn't come. Any way. Zach thinks Treasure is his girlfriend. It's so cute. They're friends and he got her a pair of cheap earings and a necklace for Christmas. So here they are together at the zoo! (Sigh) Young love! :)

Watching the Elephants. So cute!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Good Advice

When you tell your four-year-old children not to get out of their bed again until morning, you need to tag on a disclaimer. Tell the young one: "Get your butt back in bed and don't get out again until morning! Unless... you have to go to the bathroom!"

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Breaking News!

My fingernail finally fell off! Well, actually, it got so there was so little skin holding it on that I could painlessly (emphasis on the painlessly) pull it off. Yay! No more annoying bandaids that won't stay on!
Oh, and I got a part in the Heritage Theater's production of Beauty and the Beast! I get to be the Hat Seller! This part is huge! No, not really, I'm being sarcastic. But hey, you gotta start somewhere, and she has a one line solo in the opening number! So ha! I also get to be one of the enchanted items during "Be Our Guest", so we'll keep you posted on all the diva moments and annoying people in the cast. It'll be fun. So far, the girl who is playing Mrs. Potts is really nice and my old youth leader in my church is in the show with me! She's not old, it was just a long time ago that's why I said "old". (Rolling my eyes) You people!
Oh, and if you can't remember what is going on with my thumb, please read the post on November 4th titled Bad Things Come in Threes. My goodness, isn't my life just always on your mind? I mean, come on. Keep up people! I am the most important person in the universe.