Saturday, January 10, 2009

Breaking News!

My fingernail finally fell off! Well, actually, it got so there was so little skin holding it on that I could painlessly (emphasis on the painlessly) pull it off. Yay! No more annoying bandaids that won't stay on!
Oh, and I got a part in the Heritage Theater's production of Beauty and the Beast! I get to be the Hat Seller! This part is huge! No, not really, I'm being sarcastic. But hey, you gotta start somewhere, and she has a one line solo in the opening number! So ha! I also get to be one of the enchanted items during "Be Our Guest", so we'll keep you posted on all the diva moments and annoying people in the cast. It'll be fun. So far, the girl who is playing Mrs. Potts is really nice and my old youth leader in my church is in the show with me! She's not old, it was just a long time ago that's why I said "old". (Rolling my eyes) You people!
Oh, and if you can't remember what is going on with my thumb, please read the post on November 4th titled Bad Things Come in Threes. My goodness, isn't my life just always on your mind? I mean, come on. Keep up people! I am the most important person in the universe.

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Jon and Emily said...

congrats on both your fingernail and your part(s) in Beauty and the Beast!!