Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Cards We Were Dealt, Tossed Like A Storm In the Sky

Sacrament Meeting Art #1: January 18, 2015.
Well, I bet you thought I had dumped this series, but nope.  It just took me three Sacrament Meetings to complete this picture.  I had no idea I would take that long to do it.  Sure, two maybe.  But not three!  Actually, it was almost completed last week, so today, we will have two Sacrament Meeting Art pieces.
As you can see here, we have a library.  The black vase on the table should have been a lamp, but I drew the bookcases first when I should have drawn them after the table and chair.  Sometimes, I just have a tough time with that.

Sacrament Meeting Art #2:  January 18, 2015.
This one is a stormy sea on a cloudy day.  It didn't take me very long to finish either, so I just started drawing swirls on the scrap paper I use to keep my crayons from getting on the hymn book.  I'm not posting it though.  It was just to pass the time.  I really enjoyed our Sacrament meeting today.  I listened as one of our ward members told us about his journey to make the decision to leave on his mission.  It wasn't easy for him, but he is excited to leave and can't wait to serve the people in Chicago.  He's going to do great.

And for your listening pleasure:
The song the title of this post comes from.