Saturday, January 30, 2010

Getting a Flat Tire Really Blows

So my hero of the day, is Rondey.  Today, I went to my bestest friend Nicole's house to make some way awesome cards for Easter for my family.  They turned out pretty cute.  Then I left, and was driving down the street when I realized I had forgotten my phone.  As it turns out, I am really glad I turned around and got it.  Nicole and I live about 45 minutes away from each other.  So on my way home, after getting on the freeway, I got a flat tire.  I was singing along to the radio and enjoying the drive, when all of a sudden, I hear something strange.  I turned off the radio, and thought, "What the heck is wrong with my car!?"  I may have sworn too.  But that's beside the point.  I pulled over to the side.  After I stopped, I could smell it.  Burning rubber.  Yep.  Flat tire.  "Who do I call?  Who do I call?  Oh, yes.  Rodney!"  Hopefully he will be in town.  He lives near where I pulled over.  My hands were shaking as I found him in my contacts list.  I didn't really understand why, but pulling over to the side of the road all by myself is not exactly relaxing.  After calling my brother (he said he would come right away), I called Mr. Jones.  He was still 30 minutes away, so what could he do?  He was making dinner, and said he wanted me to call him when I was on my way.  I was just past the 53rd South Exit heading North.  Although I had told my brother this, he got on the freeway using the 53rd South on ramp, and totally missed me.  He called me while I was jacking up the car, so I missed his call.  Called him back and explained better where I was.  He arrived soon with his own jack and had me unjack the car, changed my tire and I was back on the road in no time.  My hero.  Thanks, little brother!  People certainly did not appreciate my having to drive 55 miles an hour on my spare tire.  Screw them.  I don't enjoy driving like a Grandma.  In fact, I bet my grandma drives faster than that.  Oh, well.  I was just relieved to be home.

Yeah.  I did a number on it.  Don't drive on you tire when it's flat.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Where's My Happy Ending?

Yesterday, my friends and I had the opportunity to listen to a wonderful man.  His name is Jeffery R. Holland.  He is a leader in my church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints).  Instead of our regular block of meetings, he came and spoke to us.  This was a rare, and wonderful experience for all of those who were able to attend.  His words were words of hope and love.  He spoke to the youth of our church and asked them to give a "tithe" of their lives.  Tithe means ten, so he was asking they give ten years of their lives to the Lord.  Specifically, the years when they are 12 to 22.  He said, no other time period in our lives are we making more decisions that will lead us towards our goal of being with our Father in Heaven again than any other time.  We decide the friends we want in our lives.  Good friends who will support us, and go along with us on the path of life.  He said, then when we are 16, we date our friends.  Later in life, we marry our friends.  There is so much truth in that statement.  Kurtis was my friend before we started dating.  That is the time period when young men and women decide if they will go on missions.  He said, "The rest of your life is yours to do what you please with."  He also told our youth, "Don't be stupid."  He actually used those words.  I loved it.  He reminded us that the Lord loves us, and that this is "the chruch of Happy Endings."  I love that phrase.  I love movies and stories that have happy endings.  Who doesn't?  I also loved the young man who spoke before him.  He reminded us all, that "If it matters to you, it matters to the Lord."  God knows what we want.  He also knows what's best for us, but he wants us to get what we want, too.  Sometimes we feel so forgotten, and small, but God loves us.  He loves everyone, no matter what we've done, or who we are.  We are his children, and he could never forget us.  His love is perfect and surpasses my comprehension.  I am far too critical of myself to even begin to understand it.  But I felt the truth in the words that man spoke to us yesterday morning.  He was worth getting up early for.  Because now, I know that I will have a happy ending - someday.

No, this wasn't taken by me. :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

It Was Late...

Last night, I went to bed and this is what I saw:

Aaaww!  Isn't my husband's new wife cute?

Monday, January 4, 2010

So This is the New Year...

I have two New Year's resolutions.  I don't usually make them.  Because I get disappointed in myself when I don't keep them.  This year, they are simple.  Well, one is.  The other will require much determination and restraint on my part.  The first is that I want to floss every day.  Everytime I go to the dentist they ask me if I floss or not.  Usually the answer is sometimes, but not very often.  I want that answer to change.  Especially since the hygenist told me I was getting gingivitis.  Not cool.  The other resolution is quite typical of most people.  I want to loose 30 pounds  by my birthday.  Maybe 31 because I will be 31.  That's seven months away, so I figure if I loose one pound a week (which is a healthy, amount of weight loss),  I will have lost 28 pounds by July.  That's a number I can be happy with.  I gained 10 pounds last year, so I am that much further away from my goal weight.  It sucks, and discourages me, but I will not be a size 16 ever again!  So the weight gain has to stop right now!  I guess I should expand my list to other areas of my life, but right now, that's pretty much all I can handle.

On a completely different note, my cell phone has died.  There was a point where I could answer it if someone called me, but then, Kurtis called me and he could hear me, but I couldn't hear him.  It was weird.  Now, the phone doesn't ring, or notify me if I get texts.  I was quite upset.  I liked my Samsung Blast, and I had only had it for two years! :(  I ordered myself a new phone and will hopefully get it before the end of the week.  They should ship it today.  Then, I will be back in communication with the world!  This is my new phone:

I hope I like it!  I've never had a touch screen before, so I may hate it for a few days while I get used to it.  I was using Mr. Jones' phone on New Year's Eve (the day my phone broke for good), and I wanted to throw it out the window.