Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We're Doing So Well! What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Being in a show isn't usually the most exciting thing ever.  I mean, you go on, you perform and then you go home.  No big deal.
This whole rehearsal period, we've been on track with line memorization and learning blocking.  The lady who came to watch the show during a dress rehearsal told us this show was way more on track than she had ever seen a show this close to opening.  Which is the miracle of theatre, really.  Some how on opening night, things just fall into place.  Nobody can explain it.  It just does.
But once in awhile, something happens backstage that makes you wonder how you could even finish the show that night.
Death By Chocolate opened April 19th.  It was  Friday.  It was an excellent show (they all are, you should come see it!) that night.  Everything went according to plan.  This run was going to be normal and uneventful.  But I forgot one thing.  There is no such thing as normal and uneventful in my life.  Ever.
The next night, the man playing Henry Meadowbrook (my play is a murder mystery and he is the first to die.  No, it isn't a spoiler to say that because it's the first thing that happens.) fell down the stairs at the theatre.  He  hit his head pretty dang hard.  So hard, he didn't even know his name for about two minutes.  An ambulance was called.  I got off stage, came downstairs, and there was a police officer coming in the door.  Then the woman playing Anne pulls me aside and says, "Henry fell down the stairs.  We've called an ambulance."
Whaaaat?  I know.  It's crazy, right?  As more and more people started arriving, I stayed out of the way.  I probably had to go back on stage, too.
Our director was backstage trying to ask him what had happened.  He said he fell, but he really didn't remember what happened before he fell.  He still doesn't.  Our director went with him to the hospital and she said that he did not have any injuries in his wrists or hands.  That indicates that he passed out when he fell because he did not try to stop his fall.  That's not normal.  Stopping your fall is basic instinct.
After the show, a few of us went to visit him in the hospital.  He had a baseball sized bump on his head and a cut on his knee.  Monday (the next show), we were informed that he had broken two ribs.
Last night, we were given an update on his condition.  He says he is very sore and recovering well otherwise.  He still doesn't know what happened.
So much for a normal, uneventful run.  The show must go on as they say and luckily one of the board members at the Heritage Theatre (also an actor and director) stepped up to the challenge of dieing the rest of the run.  He said he made a funny mistake though.  When Henry was in the hospital, he said to him, "Don't worry, Henry.  I'm going to die on Monday."  Henry was upset by this for a moment, but Henry 2 realized what he had said and, responded, "In the play!  I mean in the play!"
Ahh. Life.  What unexpected adventure do you have planned for me next?  Dun dun Duuuuunnnn!

Until then, enjoy a few of the pictures I took during our rehearsals!

 Lady Riverdale.  Not someone to mess with, really.

 Margaret Daniels.  The savvy reporter trying to get he scoop on the Meadowbrook Health Resort.

 Ralf Deadwood.  The mean-spirited gym manager.

 Edith Chiles and John Stone.  The cook and the health resort manager.

 Alfred.  "Yes, this is the enlightened generation, isn't it?"

 "Something is going on here and I want to find out what it is!"

"No, Lady Riverdale!  Don't shoot.  I'll leave."

 John Stone and Ed Parlor.  The mystery play writer.  "This isn't a play, Parlor!"

 Sweet Pea Meadowbrook.  The beautiful daughter of Henry Meadowbrook.
"Why does she have to eat all the time?"

 Investigative reporting.

 "I'm working my way up to a major dramatic award with this!"

Only five more performances are left!  Come see this show!

Monday, April 29, 2013

The Next Chapter

I am an actress.  I love being in plays and films.  It brings me joy.  It's the best work in the world (for me).  I love it.  I. Love. It.  This next part isn't meant to come off as an angry rant.  I'm not angry.  I just wanted to get this off my chest.  But not angrily.  Because I'm really not angry or upset in any way whatsoever.
What I don't love is when I get asked after doing two plays in a row, "So when are you going to take a break?"  Why would I want to take a break?  I love this stuff.  That's what happened after my last show that I merely assistant stage managed for.  I was frustrated that I wasn't on stage with that show.  I love acting.  I love being on stage, not backstage.  Although, I did enjoy being a part of the show.  I did have fun, but it's not what I love.  So I think I talked about taking a break or said something like that.
So when I wanted to go to an audition for something (I don't remember what), I was met with, "But I thought you were going to take a break after this show."
Sigh.  Yes, I want to spend time with you.  Yes, I want to have fun with my friends and go on dates with my husband.  Yes, working out our schedules might be a little bit harder.  But my dreams matter to me, too.
I do not plan on taking any more breaks.  I love you, but I need this, and the last "break" I took ended up lasting a year.  A year!!  I need this more than you will ever understand.  I don't really expect you to understand it either.  But I do expect you to try, or at least not roll your eyes and act like I am going through some sort of phase.  I do expect you to allow me to be who I am and accept the parts that I am offered regardless of whether or not you think that is a part a girl like me should be playing.  That isn't up to you.  That is up to me.  I expect you to respect that and not try to make me feel guilty or as if I shouldn't have accepted the part that was offered to me.
That being said, I am pleased to announce that I am going to be in the Terrace Plaza Playhouse production of The Curious Savage!  I get to play Lily Belle.  The spoiled step-daughter of Mrs. Savage.  I can't wait!  Rehearsals start tomorrow! So excited.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Live Long and Prosper

Yesterday, my play had a matinee and an evening performance, so I took the opportunity to take my dad his birthday present.  When I saw it, I knew I just had to get it for him.  I love it when that happens.  I'm not nearly as good as Leslie Knope at giving gifts, but I sure do try.

 It's a bathrobe!  My dad really likes Spock, and he is the Sciences Commander, so I figured that one was perfect for my daddoo.

 It made him happy. :)  But while he can only do that with his left hand, I can do it with both.  
Although, it is easier with my left hand.  My brother Ben was there, and he can do it with both hands, too.  We're such a talented family. ;)

My mom said, "How big is it?"  I said, "It's one size fits all, but Dad, you can try it on if you want to."
So he did.  It looks awesome. :)

I also (jokingly) suggested that I get my mom yellow (Captain Kirk) one for her birthday.  She said, "Everybody already knows that I am the commander."
Yup, Mom.  We do.  "Yeah, and you don't need a bathrobe to prove it," I replied.

Friday, April 19, 2013

My Dad! (For Flashback Friday)

It's my daddy's birthday.  His present is still coming in the mail, so today I will blog about him instead.  Besides, I haven't done a Flashback Friday in a couple of weeks.  Sorry.  I've been sick and I forgot.
This is my dad:
Robin Eggs make the best lipstick. (Easter 2009)

 He was born in Colorado in 1951.  He grew up there and he loved it.  When he was six years old, some missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints knocked on his parents' door.  They invited them in and listened to what they had to say.  They liked what the missionaries told them, I guess because they whole family (except my dad) was baptized.  When he turned eight, two years later, he was baptized.  He grew up and went to college.  He went on a mission to Texas.  He says Texas is a great place, but I wouldn't know.  I've never been there, and I think people who go on missions tend to look at the place they went through rose colored glasses a little bit.
After he got back, he went back to college at BYU.  While he was there, he saw this really pretty lady.  Her name was Mom (no, not really, but she's my mom).  He thought she was cute and that she had nice legs.  He called her up and asked her out.  She didn't know who he was and looked him up in the college dorm directory (it was complete with pictures).  I guess she thought he looked nice enough, so she went out with him.  She even married him.
I'm kind of glad she did because I like my dad.  He's really nice.  When I was a teenager, my youth leaders asked me if he ever yelled at me.  I looked at them like they were nuts and said, "Not very often, but yes.  When I am in trouble."  "He's just so quiet.  I can't imagine that."  I got asked this more than once.  They were weirdos. ;)
But my dad took good care of us.  He turned in homework pages with crayon drawings on them (luckily, the professors understood his first born daughter was an aspiring artist even at one - no, not me. I'm not the oldest).  He became a Mechanical Engineer and helped build the space program in the 80s.  He never told me I couldn't do something just because I am a girl.  Except play football and fast pitch baseball.  He didn't want me to get hurt.  I didn't really want to play that badly either.  He taught me how to use a hammer and a drill.  He and I made stuff together.  We watched Star Trek together.  We played softball and kickball in the backyard as a family.  We went hiking and camping.  He came to my plays when I was in high school and he taught me to drive.
I'm so grateful for the time he spent with me.  He is patient and kind.  He loves the Lord and he loves his family.  I might just have the best dad ever.  I feel blessed that I was lucky enough to grow up with him in my life.

Me and my dad visiting Colorado in 1981.  I think it was Easter.


Enjoy this song on your day, Dad!  I know you love The Beach Boys! :)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

In Which We Fight and Then Sort of Make Up

A couple of years ago, Arrested Development was put on Netflix.  It was a show that I never got to watch when it came out in 2003.  Hmmm.  What was I doing back then?  Oh, yeah.  That was the year Riley turned one.  I really don't remember much about that time period as I was in a haze of diapers and Dora the Explorer.  And probably too much Star Wars.  What?  You might ask.  How can you have too much Star Wars?  Well, while most kids were watching The Lion King, or Aladdin twenty-four hours a day seven days a week, mine were watching Star Wars.  I liked Star Wars.  I really did.  Then I introduced it to my two year old, and then, they all went through a phase where they all wanted to watch each and every one of those movies over and over and over and over and over.  My kids are three and a half years apart from the first to the last.  You do the math.
Any way.  Back to my story.  I never got to watch Arrested Development and it only lasted three seasons.  I had heard so much about it since it ended.  How it never got the chance it deserved and all that.  It was just wrong to cancel it!  You know. All that.  So when it came on Netflix, I said to Kurtis, "Hey, I hear this show is awesome and we should watch it.  Do you want to watch it with me?"  "Meh.  No.  Let's watch....."  I don't remember what he wanted to watch instead.  So I started watching it without him while I worked out on the recumbent bicycle or you know when I felt like it.  I hadn't watched it in a long time though.  But when I got home from church this afternoon to see my husband (he is sick and stayed home) watching Arrested Development and he was on an episode that I hadn't seen yet, I was mad.
I mean, what the heck!?  He didn't want to watch it with me then, but now - alone - is fine?  Whatever.  I told him I was mad.  He tried to explain that he thought that was the first episode.  He didn't get why I was mad and threw his hands up in the air and said, "Fine! I won't watch it!"
It's not that I didn't want him to watch it, or change his mind about watching the show.  But when he starts watching something without me (especially when it's something he has previously said he didn't want to watch), it makes me feel like he doesn't want to spend time with me.  And when he throws his hands up in the air, like I'm an idiot for being mad, it makes me feel like he doesn't want to talk about how I feel and try to make things right.  I don't like that.  I just don't.  So yeah, I was mad at my husband for watching Arrested Development today.  It's Fast Sunday, and I was hungry.
After I calmed down (but still mad/hurt), I asked Kurtis if he wanted to watch it with me.  I started him with the real first episode and he said, "I thought it seemed weird."  The show is making so much more sense to him now, and he really does like it.  Yay!  Something else we can watch together.  He still hasn't wanted to watch Arrow with me, yet, though.  That's okay.  It can just be my guilty pleasure, I suppose. ;)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Hap Hazard Way of Saying, We Got A New Roof Today

It started on Monday.  These guys came and put shingles on a really cool conveyor belt up and ran the new shingles up to the roof.  Earlier that day, there was a wind storm warning.  It said winds of 75 to 90 miles per hour would be expected.  So I texted my roof guy and asked if they would be okay up there.  He assured me they would be fine.  Later, the storm got downgraded to 35 to 40 mile per hour winds with gusts up to 75 miles per hour.  But we were a little worried.  We'd been through that kind of storm before and weren't too keen to see it again.  My neighbor was really worried about my shingles being blown off the roof, too.  She came over to talk to me about it.  It's a good thing I like her. ;)
Thursday, some guys came over and started hammering on my roof.  I was super excited.  Then, it started to rain.  They had to stop hammering on my roof and came back the next day.  I was super excited again.  Then they ran out of some stuff and they had to stop again.
This morning, after a sleepless night listening to my husband trying to cough up his lungs, Kurtis says to me (and it's 5 something a.m.), "Love, can you take me to the doctor?"
This did not make me happy.  First of all, I didn't sleep.  Second of all, it's tech day in my play and I was supposed to be there to help with stuff before we rehearsed.  I was supposed to be at the theatre at 9:30.  Our doctor's office is closed Saturday, so that means the Insta-care.  Yay.  It opened at 8:30.  So I called my director and told her I would get there when I got there.  She, of course, was very understanding and showed more concern for my husband than I had when I finally got to the theatre at 11:15.
He was sure he had strep throat.  He did not.  He did have extremely high blood pressure (153/104).  The doctor thought it must be the ibuprofen in his system, and told him to take acetaminophen instead.  She told him how to treat his symptoms, prescribed him a cough syrup with codeine (for night time) in it, and was very helpful in that regard, but it always irks me a little when I go to the doctor because I am convinced it is worse than it is only to be told, nope.  Just a virus.
While we were at the doctor, I realized the roofers were supposed to come finish our roof this morning, too. I tried to call home, but the phone hadn't been charged and I couldn't get a hold of Zach.  I tried to call the roofer, but left him a message.  After we went to the doctor and were on our way to fill the prescription, Zach called.  The roofers were there.  He had opened the garage for them.  Oh, good.  We got home about 10:40.
I had to rush off to the theatre, but at about 1:45, I texted Kurtis to remind him to take Kaleb to his game.  He couldn't miss it!  It was his turn to bring the treats!  Kurtis texted me back that he had Zach take Kaleb to his game (luckily for us, the field is in walking distance from our home - life with only on car can be tricky).  That's good.  In my rush to leave, I forgot to tell him if he didn't feel well enough to take Kaleb to his game, he should have Zach do it.  Then I asked if the roofer was still there.  He said, "Nope.  The roof is finished. :)"
Yaaaaaaaaaay!  Want to see pictures?  Yes, you do.  You know you really do.

 There it is.  And yes, it was raining that day, too.
I saw that thing last year when I was walking the kids I babysat to school one day.  I thought it was really, really cool then and I think it is really, really cool now.

 The white thing sticking off the side of the red conveyor belt is a packet of my shingles.  He puts it at the bottom....

And it goes all the way to the top where the man up there grabs them and puts them in neat piles.

 Here is the before shot of my house with all the neat piles of shingles.

 A close up on the shingles.  You can see how badly we needed a new roof, too.

 Thursday:  They started, but a couple hours later (if that), they had to stop.  It's too slippery up there when wet.  Probably about an hour later, the sun came back out, though.  Ugh.

 Friday!  They worked until they ran out of something.  Yes, he told me what it was, but I have no idea what it was, so I didn't bother to remember it.

 And the after shot!  Isn't it beautiful.  The lighting is a little dark because the sun was setting and it was threatening to rain.  I didn't get home until after seven, but isn't it so nice?

 See those new bumps on the very top of my house?  They put vents in up there.  Hopefully, this will lower our utility bill a little bit.

This is the back of the house.  More new vents!  Yaaaaaay!
Did I mention that I think it is so nice and looks great?
If you need a new roof, let me know and I will tell you who to call.  Eric is really nice and talkative and will give you a good deal.  
The shingle color I chose was called "Weathered Wood".  
Kurtis told me I could pick the color and then said he thought we should go with the "Midnight Black."  
I said it was a nice color and would look good, but a lot of our neighbors have black shingles and I like to be different.  Then I said that the black would be okay.  
Then I changed my mind the next day and got what I wanted.  
Do I feel bad?  Not really, but I had to tell myself repeatedly that Kurtis said I could pick the color and did, so there was nothing to feel bad about.  
So I guess I did feel a little bad, but why do I do that?  It's dumb, and I am good at picking out colors that go well together.  I do it all the time with my cards and stuff.  
Nothing to feel bad about here.  Nope.  Moving on.  
I have an awesome new roof and it's awesome!  :D

And my show opens April 19th and you should totally come because it is super funny and totally awesome!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

No, It's Not Just the Stage Lights

Monday and yesterday, Kaleb stayed home from school.  He caught my cold.  Poor thing.
Yesterday, I dyed my hair this color:
Sooo cooool.

I picked it up at Sally's a couple weeks ago.  When I showed the lady how long my hair was, she suggested I would need three jars.  I only needed one and a half.  I asked if I would only get that color if I bleached my hair first.  She said that it would help, but it would still be really red even if I didn't.  She also told me to leave in on for two to five hours instead of the thirty minutes on the jar.  I didn't want to bleach my hair, so I just worked with what I had.
The problem with red hair dye is that it doesn't last, and this is a semi-permanent hair color.  Which means it will fade out as I was my hair.  I think this is why I was reluctant to do it before.  But my director told me my character is eccentric and that having red hair would be great for her.  So I said that I wanted to do it really, super red.  She said that would be fine.  I showed her the dye and she said, "You don't have to do it that bright if you don't want to."  Oh, I want to.  I assured her.  I really have always wanted to, but this play has given me the excuse I needed to do it.  Finally!  And nobody was there to talk me out of it, either (yes, that has happened before, but this person is not in my life right now.  To be fair, though.  I've talked myself out of it plenty of times).
Here is the before picture.  Taken Monday.

I dyed my hair red in February.  It's faded quite a bit since then, and my roots are getting bad.

I just wanted to show you how long it was, too.

I did a strand test to see how it would turn out.  I loved it.  Kaleb said it was cool.  I said, "Should I do all of my hair this color?"  He laughed like he didn't think I was serious and said, "Naaaahooooh!"  I said, "Yes, I'm going to!"  He giggled some more, and I went and gooped up the rest of my hair with the dye.

I put a plastic bag over my hair and watched a bunch of episodes of Bones while it sat on my head.  When it was time to rinse it out, Kaleb said, "Did you take a picture of it?"  "You think I should take a picture of me with a plastic bag on my head?"  "No!  Of the stuff in your hair!"  So I did.  For him. :)

Here is the final result!  I love it!

I showed up for rehearsal last night, and my director loved it!  So did everybody else in the cast.  Sweet Pea said I looked like Ariel.  Awesome.  Ariel is so cute.  Maybe a little crazy, but still fun to be around. ;)  She also said when she first saw me, she thought it was the stage lights.  Sometimes they light up your hair funny and put blue tints in, or purple even though they aren't there.  Ha ha!  It's awesome.  I love having this excuse to do something crazy that I've always wanted to, but sometimes wondered if I was too old to do.
With a new color, I figured I needed a new cut, so I contacted my friend and she cut my hair this morning. I think we cut off four or five inches and she added a bunch of layers.  It was soooo nice, though!   I haven't had a haircut since my sister's wedding (I just haven't had the time).

So here it is, the new cut and color!  Did I mention that I love it?
I really, do. :)


Sunday, April 7, 2013

In Which Colors Are Refreshed

Well, it's that time of year again, my friends!  
As most of you already know, I am a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. 
You can come to me for your paper products needs.  And stamps.  And ink pads.  You get the idea. 

On June 1st, the new 2013-1014 catalog will be out.  

New stamp sets, new designs, and new colors will abound in this exciting new book of ideas and products!

Unfortunately, that means the demise of some of the old products.  The retiring list of stamp sets and accessories is not out yet, but they have released the change of the colors.

Here is the Color Refresh for the new catalog:
The list shows you the new line up for each of the color collections.
Then, in grey, it shows you the colors we are saying goodbye to from the color collections.
Noooooooooo!  Not my "Not Quite Navy" or my "Riding Hood Red"!  
What?  How can they get rid of "Certainly Celery"?

You have until May 31st to order the colors that are being discontinued.  
Feel free to email me or call me!

In Which Zachary Sits Quietly For Two Hours and Doesn't Complain (Much)

It's most members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints' favorite weekend.  Especially if you live in Utah.  Because it's General Conference!  Every first weekend in April and first weekend in October, we gather together at the Conference Center on Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City and listen to our church leaders give us counsel and learn the teachings of the Lord.  The talks are inspired by the leaders and given in four sessions.  You can watch them here.  Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 12:00 and then again from 2:00 to 4:00.  On Saturday evening, there is a Priesthood session for all of the men in the church.  And the Saturday evening before conference there is a Young Women's Session in April and a Relief Society Session in October.  We love it in Utah the most because it is broadcast on the radio and the television and we can stay in our pajamas all day if we want to. :)  Elsewhere throughout the world, you can watch it online or in specified church buildings (we call them Stake Centers).  My sister lives in Minnesota and they get dressed for church and have a mingle (they eat food and talk with their fellow church members between sessions.
Last night, was a pretty special night for Kurtis, though.  He was very excited to get to escort Zachary to his very first Priesthood session.  Now, boys aren't given the priesthood until they are twelve in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and Zach doesn't turn twelve until May, but we decided he is old enough. When we mentioned it to our Bishop in December when we met with him, he also suggested we just sneak him in.  So with our Bishop's blessing, we figured we were in the clear (it's not like they check IDs at the door or anything either).
Kurtis told me when the boys were old enough to go, he wanted to take them to dinner afterwards as well.  I agreed that that would be a fun experience for our boys and that he should do it.  So last night, he and Zach went to the Priesthood session and then to Chili's for dinner.  Kurtis left the choice completely up to Zachary.  Apparently, it was packed.  They had to wait for a long time for a table and even though the session is from 6:00 to 8:00, they didn't get home until almost 10:00 p.m.!  I was tempted a few times to call and make sure they weren't goofing off and being hooligans.
Zachary told me that he had a nice time.  While he was there, he felt happy and glad to be there.  Kurtis said that during the last half hour, he kept looking at his watch a bit, but he did great.  My baby is growing up and I couldn't be more pleased!  :)

My handsome men.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

I Can Only Say These Things To You While You're Sleeping

Thursday morning, I woke up with a sore throat.  Friday, it had escalated to a full-blown cold.  Colds suck rocks.  Today, I can barely speak.  I sound terrible when I try.
But last night, I had somewhere I had to be.  My new favorite band is The Airborne Toxic Event.  They create beautiful music that makes me wonder why Kurtis doesn't talk to me like that.  Yeah.  I know.  But I just can't help myself.  Tickets for their concert went on sale on December 14th.  I bought my tickets December 14th.  I didn't want to risk it selling out and being left behind.  I did that when Snow Patrol came last time, and I was sad. Oh, and it did sell out, so I was right.  But I've been obsessed with this band since I heard "Sometime Around Midnight" on the radio a few years ago (probably 2008 because that's when Wikipedia says their first album came out).
Last night, they finally arrived in Salt Lake City (for the second time, but I was unable to attend the first time the came.  I can't remember why, but it was a pretty big deal, so I figured I'd better go to that instead) and put on an amazing show.  I do mean amazing.  Their opening act was Nightmare Air.  I'd never heard of them either.  They were loud and they rocked.  And their bass player/lead singer is a girl.  Pretty bad a**.  They didn't play very long, though seeing as they only have one album out.
After they were done, we waited and waited for the main event.  I don't know why, but they seemed to have run out of town for a sound check before the show, so they did it in between.  I did not like that.  Neither did my bestest friend Nicole.  Yep.  She's the lucky lady I took with me.  Because she will dance with me.
Seriously, though.  Nightmare Air ended their set at 8:33 p.m. (they started at 8-ish), and The Airborne Toxic Event did not go on until 9:14 p.m.
They were worth the wait.  They started out their set with "Gasoline".  A high energy tune that got the crowd roaring.  They kept that energy up with the next song "Happiness is Overrated", followed by "Does This Mean You're Moving On?"  The next song, I don't know what it was called.  Maybe it is on their new album which doesn't drop until April 30th, so I don't have it yet.  But I could have sworn it was from their first album.  I know.  How can I call myself a fan when I can't name all their songs just off the bat like that? :(  After that came "Changing," "Something New," "Girls in Their Summer Dresses" (love that one!), "Half of Something Else," "Numb," "Safe" (second single off the new album), "Wishing Well" (he said that is the first song he ever wrote), "Timeless", "Sometime Around Midnight," "All I Ever Wanted," and then "All At Once."  They said goodnight, and left the stage.  But they came back for an encore and sang my favorite song:  "The Graveyard Near the House."  It made my night, really.  Then they sang "Innocence" and "Papillon."  They said goodnight again.  But a few seconds later, they came back on and said, "This band has been our whole lives for the last five years.  We'll share tonight with you a little longer."  I'm so in love.  They started playing "Missy" (That song is not about me, but you know I think it should be. Hee hee.), and then it morphed into Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" and into Tom Petty's "American Girl."  Then into Springsteen's "Born In the USA," and back into "Missy" again.  It was awesome!!
At one point (in the beginning), the lead singer jumped into the crowd to crowd serf.  He split his lip open.  Maybe biting your lip when you jump into the crowd is a bad idea.  "Thank you for catching me," he said.  "A little hands-y"  He didn't do that again, though.  At another point in the show (near the end), he was rocking out on his guitar and the violinist was rocking out on her violin and he knocked her over.  Then later, he was trying to rock out with the guy playing the keyboard and he whacked her in the arm with the end of his guitar.  Poor Anna.  She was getting beat up last night.  He didn't mean to do it though, and the two of them laughed it off (after he rubbed her arm to make her feel better).
After the concert, we went to Denny's for dinner.  Then I decided I was too tired, and needed to go home and get some sleep.  Tomorrow, I will be staying in bed all day.  Today, I wanted to, but I had to go grocery shopping.  I was supposed to help paint the set for my play, this morning, but I ditched it for my bed because I sound like a squeaky mouse when I try to talk.  I wanted to go, but it was not to be.  It's been an interesting day trying to interact with people.

For an all ages show, they sure did swear like sailors.

 Yay!  We're almost inside! :)

 Nightmare Air.  Check them out.

The Airborne Toxic Event are (left to right):
Steven Chen (guitar and keyboards)
Anna Bulbrook (viola, keyboards, tambourine, and backing vocals)
Mikel Jollett (vocals, guitar, and keyboards)
You can't see him that well, but Daren Taylor (drums)
Noah Harmon (electric bass, upright bass, and backing vocals)

 Anna, Mikel, Daren, Noah, and Steven is probably behind that pillar on the right.

 We were behind the sound/lighting booth.  It was the perfect place to be, but I wish I had a better camera.  My phone just doesn't cut it.  Although, it is better than my last phone, so I can't complain too much.

The giant metal bird (well, it looked metal anyway).
The new album is called Such Hot Blood and it will be out April 30th!  Don't forget to buy it.

Check out "Timeless" from the new album

Here, let's give Nightmare Air a little love, too. :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Great Easter Egg Debacle of 2013

We had a good Easter.  I hope you did, too.  It did not start out all that amazing.
I'm in the choir at church and we were singing for Easter.  Our choir director wanted us to go to church a half an hour early to practice before.  This was fine, even though we have 9:00 a.m. church.  I just said to myself, "We'll have our Easter egg hunt after church.  Well, Kutis didn't like this.  He said, "I'm going to get the kids up in time and we'll have the egg hunt before you have to leave."  That's all fine and good and he did just that, but here's the problem with his logic.  What about me?  That means I have to get up early, too!  I tried to do that and I tried to get ready by 8:00, but no.  I wasn't ready until 8:25.  Yeah.  The kids got upset.  I got upset.  I knew this was going to happen.
The night before, I divided up all the candy into plastic eggs.  I ran out.  I asked Kurtis to go get me 20 more.  He called me and said there weren't any unless we got the ones already filled with candy.  No, no.  That's fine.  We'll just use what we've got.  I knew I should have bought some two weeks ago, but I didn't.  Oh, well.  There were 28 eggs for the boys to find.  That's not too bad.  I just stuffed the unopened bag of peanut butter M&Ms in my Easter basket.  It worked for me. ;)
Before the hunt, Riley knocked over an egg and spilled its contents all over the floor.  I deemed that one his.  During the egg hunt, Kurtis pointed out an egg to Kaleb, and Zach saw him doing this.  He ran to steal it from his little brother.  Kurtis tried to block him.  Three eggs went down.  They ended up being broken, too.  Then, Riley was going to put his basket on the table after the egg hunt was over, so I could divide the eggs up and make sure everybody got some jelly beans and M&Ms, and he dropped his whole basket.  Sigh.  So much for dividing up the candy evenly so everybody gets the same amount and nobody screams, "HE GOT MORE THAN ME!!!"  But nobody said that.  Thank goodness, or somebody probably would have been smacked.
After the egg hung, I was hungry, so I opened the refrigerator.  I realized that I was supposed to bring a salad to my mom's dinner.  And that I did not go to the store to buy the ingredients for that salad the day before.  Because I forgot.  So we did not have the salad that I wanted to have, but I did have lettuce, carrots, peas, spinach, and some tomatoes, so we threw together a pretty nice salad.  Then Kurtis said, "Oh! I want to put eggs in this salad!"  I wanted to leave, but he boiled some eggs (because I also forgot to have the kids dye Easter eggs Friday night.
My Easter was not a disaster, though.  I got to spend it with my family and we played a game called Castle Panic, we ate, and we hung out with my brother Rodney via Google Hangouts.  That thing is so awesome.  He showed us around his new apartment.  It's pretty nice.  I think my mom liked seeing him most of all.  She worries.  It's a mom thing, I guess.  I don't really worry about my kids much.  They're smarter than me.  They'll make it.
I got to give the lesson in my Primary class yesterday.  We talked about the Savior and the Resurrection.  When we talked about the Savior dying and being hung on the cross, I looked into the eyes of those beautiful children, and a few of them had tears in their eyes (ha ha!  I made some four year olds cry!).  It was a beautiful lesson.  I explained to the children that Jesus had to die.  It was part of Heavenly Father's plan.  Nobody likes that part of the plan, though.  It makes us all sad.  But he had to die.  If he didn't die, he couldn't be resurrected, and if he wasn't resurrected then nobody would be able to be resurrected.  He suffered for our sins in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Then he died o the cross and then Sunday came, and he was resurrected.  His body was changed and made perfect.  That is the gift he gave us on that wonderful Easter morning.  Because Jesus was resurrected, we all will be.  Our bodies will be made perfect again.  My stretch marks will be gone, my eyes will work without glasses.  Every flaw will be erased.  I wonder if it will be weird at first.  I wonder if there is a scar that I really liked and that I felt defined me in one way or another (there is), that if I want that scar back, if I will be able to have it back.  I wonder if I will want it back...
But yay! Easter!  I hope you had a marvelous Easter, too!

"Jesus Christ lives.  He is our Savior, our Redeemer.  He is a glorious resurrected being.  He has the capacity to communicate love that is so powerful, so overwhelming as to surpass the capacity of the human tongue to express adequately.  He gave His life to break the bonds of death.  His Atonement made fully active the plan of happiness of His Father in Heaven." (Richard G. Scott - General Conference April 2010)