Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oh, the Irony!

Well, honestly, nothing too excellent has happened lately. I had an audition yesterday (which since I haven't heard anything means I totally bombed), I cut four inches off my hair. I think it makes me look older, but nobody else seems to agree with me. I'm overly critical of myself. But who cares.
Anyway, Kaleb flooded the bathroom today. That was exciting. I'm guessing (since he wouldn't tell me what happened) that he put the entire roll of toilet paper in there, flushed and started screaming. Heh heh heh! That's what he gets. Anyway, I hear him screaming, and I run up the stairs thinking he must have fallen in (yes, he has done that before, too), only to find him standing in oh, a quarter of an inch of water that is over-flowing out of the toilet and onto the floor, and a little into the hall. So much fun to clean up. Well, Zach helped me by getting me the towels we use to dry Abbey off after a bath, because the mop wasn't moving things along very quickly. Luckily for Kaleb, the bathroom he flooded was the downstairs closet of a bathroom with only a sink and a toilet. It's really quite funny, though. I was just instant messaging with my friend about how there were a couple of times I thought he was going to flood the bathroom. Life is full of ironies. Man, it seems like I talk about toilets a lot. I need a more interesting life.

Friday, July 11, 2008

My Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday! I am now 29 years-old. My friend who is 30 likes to tell me she is old. I am just a year younger, so next year I will be old, too I suppose. Whatever. We're not old! I don't feel old. My hip still hurts sometimes, but so what. Advil works great. :) And I am officially too old to audition for American Idol (which I don't watch, my agent sent me an email about the auditions - that's all).
Anyway, I had a pretty good day. The kids were pretty nice to each other. When they would act up, I would say, "Be nice! It's my birthday!" And they were nicer. We made cookies. The chocolate kind with chocolate chips and white chocolate chips. They turned out yummy! :) Later, the kids asked my why we didn't have cake. I told them because we had cookies - that's what I wanted and it's my birthday! They didn't like that so much. Too bad. My awesome sister-in-law watched the kids for us while Kurtis and I went to the temple in Bountiful. It was nice. So calm, peaceful, and quiet. Then we got Winger's to go, picked up the kids, put them to bed, and watched the movie Hairspray. Ha ha! I loved it. It was pretty funny and entertaining. I love musicals. Beauty and the Beast is still probably my favorite, though. Our city put on the play for the 4th of July and they did a very good job. I wish I wasn't so scared of auditioning for musicals. Perhaps I will overcome them soon. Our stake is putting on Savior of the World in October (more details to come!), so perhaps this will help. I have the part of Salome and I have lines and a one-line solo! Woo-hoo! Ha ha! It will be fun, and I'm a little freaked out about that tiny solo.
Here are some new pictures of the boys!

Riley's T-ball game

Helping Daddy weed the garden

At the zoo!

The white crocodile at the zoo is so cool!

We have a pretty cool park

Swings are always fun

Taming the beast!