Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Metal Mouth!

Today, Zachary got spacers on his teeth.  Apparently, his arch is more triangular than round, so this will round it out.  Hopefully after this, he won't need braces.  But he now has a mouth full of metal!  My poor kid.  He did a really good job while he was in the chair.  They numbed him up a little, and then set to work fixing the appliance to his teeth.  I forgot to bring my book, so I leafed through the Halloween issue of Martha Stewart Living while I was there.  It made me really happy inside.  The September issue about decorating bored me.  I thought there would be more ideas, but then I found October's issue.  I want it.  Halloween gives me joy.  It just does.  It took them about 45 minutes to fix that thing to his teeth.  Now, I get to tighten it every three days.  I got a pretty cool looking tool to do it with, too.  I can't wait for Friday!  Muwahahahah!  I feel bad for him, though.  He can't have a lot of the candy he is going to get while trick-or-treating.  No skittles, starbursts, hard caramels, etc.  I am bummed for him.  But I suppose I will just have to sacrifice, and eat them for him.  It will be hard, but I think I can do it.  They did say he could have twix and milky way, though.  I will have to figure out a way to weasel those away from him, and into my bucket instead.


chelebug said...

does it bug him? does it hurt? just curious. so are you dressing as an insane dentist for halloween carrying around a tool to tighten spacers? I like decorating for fall too- it's just so much fun. Only you probably knew that already since we're sisters and all. I am sad this year I will probably not decorate for Halloween because I am still regular decorating, and just like the magazines, getting bored with it. At least I came up with my ideas awhile ago so I just have to carry it out- or everyone might have ended up with wonderful orange and brown and black rooms and cute ghosties & plates of fun cookies.

Lissybug said...

It makes him talk funny, and he keeps making this annoying slurping noise. He says it hurts when he bites down, and today he did not want to eat lunch. You know, I really don't think he actually did. The girls arrived, and I got distracted, and forgot all about it.