Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oh My Heck!

Today, Riley is eight years old!  Oh my heck!  It's awesome.  He came to me this morning and said, "Mom, I was trying to tell Kaleb something and he interrupted me!  He's ruined my birthday!"  It wasn't even eight o'clock yet!  Oh, man.  What would the rest of his day be like?  He went to school packed with the treats I put together for his class.  When Tyler, Lydia, and Emily's mom came to pick them up, she asked Riley if he was having a good birthday so far today.  He shook his head and said, "At school, there were these girls who teased me."  He cracks me up.  Everything is the end of the world sometimes.  But the rest of his day has been pretty stellar.  He finished his homework, and got to play the computer.  When Kurtis got home, we went to IHOP for dinner.  When Zach turned eight, we took him to IHOP for breakfast on his birthday.  Riley wanted to do that, too.  We explained to Riley that Zach's birthday was on a Saturday that year, and that's why we got to go for breakfast, but we could go for dinner and they would still have pancakes.  That was acceptable to him.  Thank goodness, because I had to work today.  I usually work on Tuesdays, but Zach had to get spacers yesterday, so we switched.  Any way, after IHOP, we tried to go to our local bakery for some cupcakes, but they closed at seven.  We went to the grocery store and got some donuts for breakfast tomorrow (no school because of UEA!), and some cupcakes for his special day!  He is still up and having fun with his brothers.  I'm so glad today was awesome.  We're not having a party because he will get one on his baptism day instead.  Two parties is just too much work!

His treat for his classmates.  I know.  I'm awesome.

 Here he is reading the card Grandma Nancy sent him.

 That's the card I made him, and then made everybody sign at gun point.

 He was asking why we skipped a number in the set we got him.  Because it wasn't there.
His other gifts were a cards from Great Grandma Day and Great Grandma and Grandpa Sharp with money in them.  Grandma Nancy also got Riley his scout uniform and book.  He's very excited to go to scouts.

 This is Riley's favorite series of books.  He wants to collect them all.

 I think he's having a good day.

 I have weird kids.

 His birthday treat courtesy of IHOP.

 He chose the Halloween cupcakes.  Not the ones with Happy Birthday stuff on them.  He's totally my son.

 It was really hard, but he blew out his candle! ;)

 Then, of course, he smashed his ring into his cupcake.  It's just what boys do.  They really can't help it.
These are the various rings that were decorating the cupcakes.  I chose a witch.


wendy said...

Loved reading this! ;-) Happy Birthday Riley!

chelebug said...

What a fun birthday! Sorry I completely forgot to actually put the card I have in the mailbox...
William loves magic tree house books too! He wants to collect all of them and wanted to use his last birthday money to buy some hardcover, but I am making him wait until they are in the bookorder at school so he can get them paperback & cheaper. (Secretly I don't see the draw to them, but he really loves them.)I will have tell William Riley is a fan too. Oh, hey, since you are an avid book reader, any suggestions of exciting adventurous non-fiction books? Isaac has to read 2 non-fiction books a quarter or trimester, whatever they call it, and he is struggling to find something he will enjoy.

Stacey said...

What a fun birthday! I can't believe he is 8 already!
Josh has a ton of Magic Treehouse books that he's kind of outgrown. Send me an email with the numbers that you have and I will see if we have different ones. Then, I can send them to you. Oh, send me your address, too.

The Arnells said...

what a handsome guy. i cant believe you have two over the age of eight. and you look so young.