Saturday, October 2, 2010

This Post Was So Much More Interesting In My Head

Today, as I was walking Kaleb to school, he says to me, "Mom?  Would you come walk home from school with me?"  I said, "Why?  Don't you like walking home with your brothers?"  "No.  They are not nice.  They yell at me and Tyler.  When Tyler runs ahead of us, Riley yells, 'Tyler, get back here immediately!'"  Usually I don't walk home with the boys.  I just let them do their thing.  But this seemed important to Kaleb, so I said I would walk home with him.  As we were walking home, they asked if I had put up the Halloween decorations.  I said I was going to put them up today.  Fridays are early out for my kids, so I hadn't gotten to it by the time I had to walk to the school to pick up the boys.  I told them I hadn't gotten to it yet, and that we still needed to make some more cookies because Zach ate the last of the oreos I made Sunday.  Tyler said, "Oooh!  Halloween cookies?  Those are yummy!"  I said, "No.  I'm just going to make regular chocolate chip cookies."  Then Kaleb suggested we make frosting cookies.  I am almost out of frosting, and don't have enough for sugar cookies, but I said, we could dye the chocolate chip cookies orange.  They thought this was a brilliant idea.  Kaleb also wanted to put sprinkles on them, but I said no.  I also nixed the dying of the cookies green.  I said, "Orange is for Halloween.  At Christmas we can dye them red or green."  It was 91 degrees today.  I think I want to move somewhere where fall is an actual season.  You know, because it is my favorite and all.  I'd like to experience it.  I bet it's going to snow soon.

Here is my orange cookie batter.

 I should be a food photographer.  I'm getting pretty good at it. ;)
I took these out of the oven, and Kaleb said, "Those aren't orange!"  Apparently the orange wasn't as dark once they were cooked. :P

 While the cookies were baking, I decorated for Halloween.

I love my Halloween tree!  I don't know if I blogged about this last year, and I am too lazy to find out, but I got this on sale for 75% off after Halloween last year!  I'm excited to finally get to display it! :D

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chelebug said...

Looks like fun! I think we might not make it to decorating for Halloween this year- too much regular decorating going on. I'm kind of sad about it- I love fall decorations. Your cookies look yummy :)