Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ode to My Hair Dryer

Hair dryer, my Quiet Styler
I shall miss your warm air
Blowing through my hair.
It's admirable, really.
The way you held on so long
You fought hard to stay on.
Fought till the end.
You were such a good friend.
Winters would be cold with out you.
You gave me warmth,
And took away the wet.
So, you have my vote.
If there is a hair dryer heaven,
You'll get in, I bet.


Stacey said...

This is awesome! You are very talented!

Michele said...

I love it. :) Oh, and you should know your tragdor video has made a great impression on my boys. They have had a few real life art lessons so they can relate and they find it hysterical. Isaac draws him at school and tells other kids who either look it up and find it funny or just think he is strange because they don't know what he's talking about and he finds that funny too. William (before we knew Isaac was sharing) drew tragdor instead of a cow on of his assignments at school. I am shaking my head. But I have to admit it is funny. Onto something else- ireland is looking very pretty, when I want to see it I will look at your blog. :)

Lissybug said...

You can blame Kurtis for all of that. He started it! :D Hee hee! I want to visit Ireland someday, but I actually am not absolutely sure this is a picture of Ireland. It definitely reminds me of pictures of Ireland that I have seen. It's a picture in the template designer, and it doesn't say if it is Ireland or not.