Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This Will Only Take a Minute. I Just Wanted to Show You Something.

I'm trying to blog right now, but I'm a little distracted by Kaleb right now.  He thinks that he can talk to me whenever he wants.  I suppose that's true.  He is just arguing with me about tape right now and it's getting tedious.  Now the whining.  I don't want him to use my scotch tape for taping cardboard together.  I told him to get something stronger.  Like duct tape.  But he can't find it.  Not my problem.  Maybe if he actually looked for it, he would find it.  Oh, good.  Now he's distracted by the kitten we are kitten-sitting.  He thinks it's super-kitty and likes to fly it around the room.  Sigh.
Any way.  I just wanted to show you this awesome thing that I made:

It's for my wolf den meetings.  The letters on the rings are the first initial of the boys in our den.  As they do things during den meetings like answer a question, or say the prayer, they will earn a bead.  It will get put on the yellow boondoggle cording and when they leave the wolfs and move on to the bear den, they get to take it with them.  Isn't it awesome?  It was really easy to make, too.  Okay.  You can get on with your day now. I just wanted to show off a little.  Thanks for letting me. :)  Have a great day!

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abby said...

That is so cute! I'm always so impressed by your craftiness.