Sunday, October 13, 2013

I'd Like To Thank Pinterest For Helping Me Make My Kid's Birthday So Awesome

It's been a busy week.  I had my Stampin' Up! workshop and Riley's birthday party back to back.  Workshop on Thursday and party on Friday.  The party was the scariest part for me.  Because little boys are loud and like to run around the house risking breaking things.  It freaks me out.  I had Kurtis work from home for some back up that day.  He mostly just wanted to play the computer while the boys ran through the house causing my anxiety to spike.  I think he enjoys seeing me freak out (on the inside) a little bit.

 This is the Halloween card we made for my Stampin' Up! workshop Thursday.

 This is the inside.  It's really awesome.

Then we made these cute mummy boxes.  We put candy inside them.

 Riley wanted a Doctor Who themed birthday card.  I already blogged about it and showed you the invitations here.

 This cake is a blue velvet cake that I made from scratch after the workshop on Thursday night.  I frosted it in the morning.  It's the Tardis.  Riley really liked it.  I've never made a cake from scratch before.  It turned out alright.  The food coloring turns your poop a blue-green color if you eat too much though.  Nope.  I'm not lying.

 I used my Tardis cookie jar that Kurtis got me for my birthday as a centerpiece.

 I made this out of the first invitation I made (before I made the ones that open up.  You can see a tutorial of how to make those invitations here.

 I finally put up the Halloween decorations on Tuesday.
It exhausted me.

 Riley blew out his candles before I could get a picture!

 Eleven!  He's such a good looking kid!

 This is awesome!

 Riley loved all of his presents.

The party favors.  Tardis boxes full of treats and mini composition notebooks turned into River Song's diary.  Pinterest rocks.  :)