Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October is My Favorite!

Well, October is here! The leaves are changing colors and falling from the trees. I decorated for Halloween. The play I'm in is almost through, and Riley's 6th birthday is the 13th, and Halloween is almost here! Kaleb is going to be Spiderman. His new obsession. He thinks he is Spiderman. Zach is going to be a Warlock from World of Warcraft and Riley is going to be his Voidwalker. Could he have picked a harder costume? Most people don't even know what that is. I will be putting it together like a hunchback costume because voidwalkers are these big hunched over demons that warlocks can summon to help them fight their enemies. I love Halloween. It's my favorite holiday. I don't dress up any more, but I love dressing up the kids. It's so fun. I'll post pictures of Riley's birthday party next week. He's having a monster bash theme. So much fun!

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