Friday, January 28, 2011

Nerves and Self-Conciousness Are Not My Friends

Monday, my friend posted his facebook status.  It said, "So an actor just called me. A conflict has come up. Her sister is getting married on one of the performance dates. My first thought was, 'well, I guess you're missing the wedding!' She left a message. Trying to decide what to do about this. Do I replace her? Find an understudy? Actually tell her to skip the wedding? (That's what i'd do.) Thoughts? It's still early in the rehearsal period..."
I couldn't help, but think, "What?  How could you just find out about your sister's wedding?"  Mine took four months to plan.  That puts her wedding in roughly 40 days.  Yikes.  That's fast.  Personally, I would have said to my sister, March 12th is one of my performance dates!  Do you want me there, or not!"  Then she would have a fit, and say something about how selfish I am because it's her day, and she should get to get married whenever she wanted.  Then ultimately she would probably change the date.  Because I am awesome, and her wedding just wouldn't be the same with out me! :D  
I posted back, "This is a conflict she should have known about and told you about (duh! Weddings don't just come up and they certainly don't plan themselves!) when she auditioned. I'll come be her understudy. ;)"
I didn't think he would really want me to!  I didn't even audition for the play.  I think I forgot.  Not really sure, but that seems the most likely thing that happened.  That and I need new head shots, so I'm not really working much right now.  Lame excuses - I know.  I'm full of them.
But he responded with this post, "‎@ Melissa - You will? Seriously? I'm thinking of telling her two performances instead of just the one.  She said in the voice mail she found out last night. (or over the weekend, I'm don't remember. I've only had an hour of sleep.)"
He needs an Ambien, or something.  Everybody else was telling him to replace her.  Someone said he should be nice.  I agree with that.  So now, I am the understudy to Mable in the play An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde.  I get two shows.  March 11th and 12th.  At the Draper Historic Theater (in Draper).  Come, and see me if you can make it.*  I would love it!
I am a little overwhelmed, though.  Wednesday, I got the script, and I had no idea Mable has so many lines!  She's not that prominent a character in the movie.  She is, but she isn't at the same time.  It's scary.  I hope I can memorize all my lines by then.  Last night's rehearsal was fun, though.  I just need to figure out where I fit in.  I've never been an understudy before, and I'm coming into rehearsals about at week and a half late.  Everyone has already had a chance to get to know one another, and start to meld as a cast.  The guy who plays Lord Goring (Mable is in love with Lord Goring) seems really nice.  I need to get over my shyness, and stop worrying about my English accent.  It's making me nervous, and I'm not used to being nervous on the stage!  :P  

*If you can't make it, you can watch it on YouTube, but the 1969 version is the one most like the play. ;)


Michele said...

Brian is still bitter we couldn't get married on Bastille Day because YOU had girls camp. ;)

Lissybug said...

Ha ha! Really? I don't remember that. Mom probably vetoed it. Church stuff was beyond important to Mom back then. :P