Monday, November 19, 2012

As Long As It's Talking With You, Talk Of the Weather Will Do

My little sister is getting married!  I'm so excited for her, and to show her all about how excited we all are, I decided to throw her a shower!  Party time!  Woot!  Woot!
Apparently, I throw a good shower, too.  My sister told me that her friend told her that it was the funnest shower she had ever been to.  Yeah.  I know that's not proper grammar, but I'm not changing the quote.  I'll take compliments any day of the week.
So we ate taco salad and my aunt made cupcakes and my cousin decorated them.  They were so cute.  My mom took a picture, and I'll show it to you later.  After lunch, we played Pictionary with a bridal theme.  Then we did a Bridal MadLib.  It ended up being pretty funny.  Then I asked Emily a bunch of questions that I had secretly already asked Joel and taped his answers.  We let her answer the way she thought Joel (oh, Joel is her fiance) answered them.  Then we played back his answers to see if she got them right.  It was so fun to listen to Joel answer the questions and get to know him a little better.  He's such a nice guy and I'm really happy for my sister and excited to get such a cool new brother.  After the games came presents!  Emily got a pretty good haul if you ask me. :)

First of all, I have to show you the awesome invitations I made.  Aren't they cute?

 Then, I shall show you the decorations I made.  I made this garland that says Emily and Joel.  I would have put up the picture that shows all of the garland, but it really mostly shows off how badly I need to dust my blinds, so you get part of it instead.

 Another part of the garland.  These are her wedding colors.

 I made big medallions with these cute owls on them.  Emily's favorite shape is a star, so from star, I went to night time, and that kind of became my theme.

 We also wrote on date night ideas on craft sticks and stuck them in this awesome jar I decorated.

 These are the owl cupcakes.  They were delicious and so cute!

 Lili, Grandma D., and Aunt Kathy joined the party.

 Mother of the Groom and Mother of the Bride

 Bridal Pictionary!  Alayna got the word "cumber bun".

 I made everybody play!  Even my mom!  I was the Shower Nazi!  Muwahahahahaha!

 We played for a long time.

 Bridal MadLibs.

 A body part?  Oh.  Wait.  Maybe I should have read the story before I printed it out.  He he.  No.  It was totally clean.  

 Reading the finished MadLib.

 That's only some of Emily's haul.

 Emily and Joel are gamers, and yes.  They really would love that PlayStation 3 on their registry.  My mom found these Christmas ornaments and used stickers to put their names on the backs.  So cute!

 What's in here?

 I think she likes it.

 Who wouldn't love a toaster?

 My Grandma S. gave this blanket to Emily.  It was our great-grandmother's.  It's really beautiful.

And Aunt Cherry (who had to leave early), this is for you. Emily loved those bowls.  In fact, we all loved those bowls and want to know where we can get our own.  Thanks! :)
I am so grateful to everyone who came to Emily's shower!  This shower would not have been the funnest shower ever if you weren't there, so thank you for all the help and all the fun.  You guys rock!

One of the questions I asked Joel was, "What is yours and Emily's song?"  He said they don't have a song.  They have an album.  And this is his favorite one on it.  But that's not what Emily said.  I can't remember what she said.  Maybe she will leave a comment and tell us. ;)


Wendy said...

Looks like you had a great time. Sorry I couldn't be there. I thought Amy's daughter was getting baptized then. Of course I was wrong, but then it was too late. I love the decorations. And Emily will make a very lovely bride. What a beautiful woman she is.

Kellee said...

Nice work! Looks like lots of fun and of course your crafty paper decor and invites are beautiful!

Emi-chi said...

Fact: We have two albums.

If you want to know what songs are on them, you'll just have to come to the reception. ;)

Michele said...

Wish I could have been there! The decorations look great and so does your house. You even colored the craft sticks the wedding colors- wow- it looks great. :-)

Michele said...

PS i love that mom got her video game ornaments :-)