Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tell Me a Story

I got to go on a field trip with Kaleb today.  It was pretty fun until he punched me in the face.  We went to the Tree House museum in Ogden.  It is a really, really wonderful place for children to play!  I've heard of this place, but had never gone before.  The kids get taken there in first grade and second grade, but I've never been able to go with them on very many of their field trips until this year.
First, we met in the theater, and separated into three groups.  Then our group stayed in the theater and put on a play.  It was the fairy tale, "The Golden Goose".  After that, we went to this area that has houses of all the places fairy tales come from and learned about different versions of different country's fairy tales.  Then they went to the Art Gallery and made magic wands.  I think I will have to take my kids there another time, and I think you should too. Why, yes.  I did take pictures.  But Kaleb wasn't in the play, so I'm not going to post the pictures of it.  I didn't take very many of that part any way because I switched my camera to video mode, but as I watched it in Movie Maker, the sound was all messed up, so sorry. :(

 Loved this quote.  I guess I should read to my kids again.

 There is a giant tree house in the middle of the museum the kids can play on.  It's awesome.

The Germany house.

 We learned about creating conflict in a story.  The Big Bad Wolf is the most common bad guy in fairy tales.

 Then we learned about the hero.  Here, we have Puss in Boots!  In Ireland and a few other countries, Puss in Boots was not a boy.  Puss in Boots was actually a girl!  Girl power! :)

 Then we talked about princesses.  He called princesses transformers because they change throughout the story.  He specifically mentioned Cinderella, Snow White, and the princess in the Frog Prince.
According to one version of this fairy tale (I can't remember which country), the prince didn't ask her to kiss him because that would break the spell.  He asked her because he wanted her to throw him against the wall and when he hit the floor, he became a prince again.

 Getting their supplies for their magic wands.

 Kaleb is twisting his pipe cleaners together.

 He drew a face on the top of his wand.  Cute.

After making their wands, they got free time to run around the museum and play.  First, we went to the tree house, and then we went to the music room.

Then we went to the doctor room.  That's what the girl in my group called it when I asked her where  we should go next.  "Whoa, that's cool!"

 They can look at x-rays there!  That's flippin' awesome!

 Future pediatrician.

 There is a school room.  Kaleb is practicing his multiplication.

 Milking a cow! :D  No.  The cow is plastic and it milks water, but it's still awesome!

Kaleb didn't want to sit by me on the bus ride home, but I sat behind him and kept teasing him with the camera.  He doesn't like to have his picture taken which is why he isn't looking at the camera in any of them, but this one.  Because I sneak attacked him!  Muwahahahaha!  Then he was trying to fake punch me, but he actually swung a little too hard and hit me in the jaw.  I'm fine.  But it didn't feel good.

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Looks like so much fun! :-)
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