Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mean Mr. Mustard Sleeps In the Park

This just happened:
I made Riley some echinacea tea with honey, and told him to drink it because it would help his cold go away faster.  Then I sat down at the table to drink my herbal tea as well.  He took one sip and asked, "Do I have to to drink it?"  "You don't like it?"  "Not really."  "Well, please drink it.  It will help."  So then he was all mad at me.
About five minutes later, I ask him what time it is as my back is to the clock.
"Can't you turn around?" He mumbled.
"What?"  I asked because I didn't hear him.
"It's 11:40, but can't you just turn around and look yourself?"
Seriously?  How did he get so mean?
When I was done drinking my tea, I went upstairs to finish getting ready for church.  I told Kurtis what had happened while I was taking off my socks.  He said, "Well, I'm sure we've said the same thing to him before."
I thought about this for a minute and then said, "No.  I don't talk to my children that way.  You do.  But I don't."
"When have I talked to them like that recently?"
"It doesn't have to have been recent.  That's why it's called learned behavior."
Then I pointed out the irony of what he just said and told him that he was being mean.  I also told him when he talks to me like that, I don't want to stick around.  Maybe that was going too far, but it was the truth.  There was something I didn't say, but wanted to.  It's gone, though.  I can't remember what it was.  But it might be for the best.

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