Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Thrill of Hope. The Weary World Rejoices

I've gotten behind again, but that's okay.  I got the things done that I needed to get done in order to get ready for Christmas.  That's a good thing.
On Tuesday, December 18th, our family had a dentist appointment.  Only Zach has one cavity.  That's pretty good.  Kurtis needs another implant where a tooth was pulled.  If he doesn't get it, it will cause his implant that is above where the missing tooth is to wear out sooner than later.  Lucky us.  Our insurance doesn't cover that.
After we went to the dentist, we decided that we would go to see the lights in Temple Square.  We were in town, I wanted to go see them, we might as well.  :)  It was cold, but it was beautiful.  My brother lives right next to Temple Square, so I texted him and told him where we were.  We went over to his place for some hot chocolate and popcorn.  He made them from scratch!  After about half an hour, his lovely wife came home, and we got to talk and laugh for awhile.  Then we had to go home, but on the way, we stopped at Five Guys for dinner.  It was a really great night.

 We love our dentist's office.  All the people there are wonderful.  This is one reason why.  When my kids do annoying things like take their magnifying safety glasses, they don't get upset.  They let them play with them and they are so kind about it.

 The Salt Lake City temple.

 All of this is set up to remind us of our Savior and the beautiful gift he has given us.

 This is the Assembly Hall on Temple Square

 I think this picture turned out pretty cool despite having to use my phone.  I also love that even though we come here almost every year and I always take pictures, that I can always find something I didn't take a picture of the year before.

 The reflection pool.  Zach and Riley tell me this is their favorite part of Temple Square.

 There are Nativities from all around the world set up for you to reflect on His birth.

 This is the view as you walk out of my brother and sister-in-law's apartment building.

While we were there, the boys entertained themselves with the hand carved, miniature chess board.
I hope seeing the Christmas lights on Temple Square has reminded you of the Savior and his birth on this wonderful Christmas day!

Oh, and then, there's this:  I really enjoyed it.
I love you so much.

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Michele said...

Great pictures! Merry Christmas :-)