Monday, December 17, 2012

Is It That Look In Your Eyes?

Saturday, my alarm went off at 5:00 a.m.  I hit the snooze button twice, but finally got up after the third notice.  We had to leave at 7:45 that morning and I wanted to look pretty.  I did my hair and make up.  I wasn't exactly happy with my hair, but it would do.  My hair doesn't curl the way I want it to most of the time.  I got the kids up.  And they sleepily asked why they had to get up so early.  I know I'd already told them the night before.  "Get up!  We have to leave for Grandma's at 7:45!"
It was time to go and Riley still wasn't dressed.  I tried to be calm, but seriously?  I got them up an hour ago. As we drove to Grandma's I reminded them that they could only eat what Grandma told them they could because they had to keep their clothes nice for pictures.
The whole time I was driving, I couldn't help but smile.  "My little sister is getting married!"  My heart was filled with happiness that day.  I don't remembering be quite as happy when my brother got married.  Don't get me wrong.  I was elated that my brother found someone so awesome.  But I think there is just something about sisters.  Nothing was going to get me down that day.
Ever since they announced the Brigham City temple would be built, my sister has wanted to be married there.  Her dream came true Saturday.  She had also been praying that it would snow and cover up all the dead, brown plants and trees.  I woke up to see snow on the ground and knew her prayers had been answered.  It was the perfect amount of snow, too.  The roads were not terrible to drive on and everyone arrived safely.  Heavenly Father must really love her.  ;)
After the wedding, Michele and I rushed over to Grandma's house to get the kids and bring them to the temple.  They took a really long time getting in the car and we missed Emily and Joel coming out of the temple.  We rushed to the other side and got our pictures taken.  I kept telling my mom we needed to wait because not all of the kids were here yet.  But they arrived.  Whew!
Then we went back to my mom's house (Grandma) and had lunch with all of Joel's family and all of our family.  Her house was packed!  I have seven siblings and Joel has five siblings.  Combine that with all of our kids and aunts and uncles and parents.  I loved it!  The luncheon and reception were in Salt Lake City, and so we hung out at my mom's house until it was time to leave for the reception center.
We ate lasagna (Emily's favorite) and had cheese cake (or brownies) for dessert.  Emily didn't want to stand in a line at the reception, but my mom made them.  Mormons don't know what to do at a reception if there isn't a line (probably because there is always a line).  The cake was mint chocolate chip cake and Alayna (one of Emily's best friends) caught the bouquet.
Emily looked so beautiful in her dress!  It was a really long day.  But it was such an amazing day that I didn't realize how tired I was until I crashed in bed that night.  I can't wait to see the pictures the photographer took at the temple.  Here are a few of mine.  Okay.  A lot of mine. :D

 Joel, Emily, and our grandmas.

 Zach and his favorite uncle.

 The Luncheon.

 Photo bombed! :D

 I loved her barrette.  Her friend made it for her and also helped with the dress as my mom was getting to frustrated with trying to make it perfect.

 The Reception.

 That blur just to the left of the light (at the top) is the bouquet.

 The guest book.  I love this picture. :)

 So for Michael and Lili's wedding, they wanted to light these lanterns (they got like twenty of them) and send them off at the end of their reception, but it was May and because of the fire risk (their reception was on the mountain), they weren't allowed to.  So Michael and Lili offered to let Emily and Joel have one.

 That orange dot at the top in the middle of the picture is the lantern.  Then it went into the clouds and we couldn't see it any more.  The white dots you see, are snow.  It started to snow during the reception. :)
Now they are in Disneyland, and I am so excited for them! :D

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Michele said...

wow you're quick ;-) Great photos! i might have to copy some. So glad we could be there!