Thursday, June 20, 2013

I'm No Doctor, But Headache + Throwing Up = Migraine (In My Book)

Am I wrong?  I mean, I could be wrong.  I hope I'm wrong.  Migraines suck and I don't think my eight-year old has enough stress in his life to be experiencing migraines.
This morning, Kaleb woke me up with his quiet crying.  I woke up Kurtis and asked him to go find out why he was crying (What?  It was practically time for him to wake up and get ready for work anyway).  Kaleb said his head hurt really bad.  Sometimes that happens (and let's face it, with him any pain is really bad pain -he just doesn't deal well with it).  I asked him if he wanted to eat something so he could have some ibuprofen.  He doesn't like to take medicine.  It's a battle that sometimes isn't worth fighting.  I figured this was one of those times.
Then after about an hour of being in my bed with me, he threw up.  After he threw up, he said he felt fine and got dressed for the day.  Things seemed normal again.  Then, about an hour later, he threw up again.  And then said he felt fine again, and asked to play Angry Birds on my phone.  He hasn't thrown up since and says his headache is gone.  I even finally got him to eat something.  He's even fighting with his brothers like nothing ever happened.  That's the part I can live without.
Well, we will have to see if this is a one time occurrence or if it becomes something chronic.  I hope not.  I hate doctors.  They always treat me like I'm crazy, or as though they are some sort of superior being here to look down upon me rather than help me.

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Michele said...

:-( that is no fun. William has been getting migraines this past year once in awhile. In the winter months (Nov.-Feb.), about once a month he would wake up for school, say he felt sick like he might throw up but that he mostly had a headache and he just wanted to stay in bed. I let him. He'd sleep until like one or 2 in the afternoon and be fine. A couple days ago he said he felt sick, but we had swimming lessons (and I totally forgot about his migraine issues) and made him get up and go to swimming lessons. He seemed fine, but when we got home he said he still didn't feel good and then he puked in the bathroom (on top of the toilet seat). Then later I asked how he was feeling and he said "yeah, kind of, my headache is mostly gone" Then I remembered- migraines. I asked his pediatrician about it at his well check (April I think) and he said it sounds like migraines and sleeping in a dark room is best thing to do for it. He said if it gets to be more often than once a month to let him know. He also said some people will tell me to keep track of what he's eaten and what he's doing everyday so when he gets one you can see if there is a pattern, but most likely you won't find one. Some people get migraines and some people don't, and it most likely isn't going to be something he ate that triggers it. He also didn't seem to think it was brought on by excessive stress either. He didn't seem too concerned unless it starts happening more often, but did put it in his notes. William's school teacher was pretty understanding about it when he missed and just said, "yup that sounds like migraines to me."
When I was a kid I didn't know anyone with migraines and now it seems like there are a lot of kids that get migraines.
we'll have to keep in touch on our migraine findings.