Sunday, June 16, 2013

In Which Summer Finally Arrives!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!  Where did the time go that it's been pretty much two weeks since I blogged?  Well, I guess being busy with a play and the end of the school year will do that to a girl.  We are getting ready for scout camps, too.  I bought Zach his first pair of hiking boots and told him to wear them in.  He also needed regular, everyday shoes and guess which ones he has been wearing.  Nope.  Not the hiking boots.  The stinker.  So nervous and excited for his first trip to scout camp for a whole week.  What am I going to do with him gone that long?
My play, The Curious Savage opened Friday.  It's going well.  Saturday night, I forgot to put my hat on after my third costume change.  Yeah.  I think I got distracted.  Kaleb is also in this play with me, and I make him get ready and do his hair like the boys in 1950 did their hair.  Then I have to finish getting myself ready. Things are likely to be forgotten in that situation.  He comes on at the very, very end and hugs the woman playing Florence.  He was really unsure about hugging a weird lady he'd never met before, but he's getting used to it and realizing that she's alright.  You'll have to come see it.  If you need ticket information, click here.  But unfortunately, you won't be able to purchase them online.  It's alright, though.  You can always get them before the show, too.
I am so glad that it's finally summer!  We haven't done much fun stuff yet, but we will!  I have to get the car fixed though.  It needs a new timing belt.  I suppose it's time.  When I registered it, the mechanic gave me a laundry list of things it needed done and told me it would be around $730 to fix it.  Please kill me.
I took some pictures during rehearsals.  Here's a few.  I didn't get as much as I wanted, though.  I will have to take some backstage on Monday and get some of Kaleb, too.  He's so cute in his Converse shoes!

 This is Mrs. Savage and Fairy Mae.  Fairy Mae doesn't really understand what personal space means.

 This is Florence.  Her doll is her son.  John Thomas (Kaleb's part).

 Mrs. Savage is telling them about the play she wrote and starred in.

 Our gorgeous Dr. Emmett and beautiful Miss Willy (not in her wig).

 Hannibal (the statistician turned violinist), Florence, and Jeff (the war hero who believes his face was injured, and keeps his hand over his face the entire play) play cards.

Mrs. Patty has given up electricity for Lent and will only tell you what she hates.

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Michele said...

So how was scout camp? I keep missing tons of plays :_( Glad you are having fun in them and getting to be in a lot. :-)