Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Death of a Dishwasher

You came into my life a short two years ago.
I knew then, you were not in your youth.
I knew one day we would have to part.
You came into my life, when I needed you so.

Five years I went without.
Five years I washed by hand.
Dirty bowls and spoons would haunt my dreams.
I would look at the sink and scream.

We searched for the perfect home.
With a dishwasher of our own.
We found you and all our dreams came true.
I'm so blue.

I've tried many time to revive you.
Scraping away the hard water deposits.
You groan and protest,
Creating such a mess.

I shall miss you my dear friend.
I shall remember our good times.
When I didn't have to triple rinse.
When I could stack the dishes high.

How I shall miss, the days
When I pulled out a bowl
And there was still a haze.
Scraping bits of food away.

I would scream, why didn't you rinse these!
The youngling would cry, oh, but I tried!
So tonight, I say my goodbyes.
To the dishwasher who finally died.


Michele said...

I am standing with a loud applause. That is a poem worthy of a beatnik club. Such talent!

sweetlissybug said...

Well, thank you! Kurtis said it was the funniest thing he's read in awhile. I may be embelleshing a little, though. He laughed out loud any way. :)