Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No, Really. It's Mine.

I have found a new way to entertain my four-year old during church. We went to my cousin's church Sunday because he was speaking. He's been in Brazil for two years and we were excited that he finally came home Wednesday. His talk was really quite excellent, but I have to admit, my attention span doesn't let me listen to more than one speaker. They should have made him go first. But he was last (tradition). I had to focus. Any way, we didn't bring the "church bag" this time because we figured we were only going to be there an hour and a few minutes. Our kids can handle that. Yes, they can. So I told Kaleb when he asked where it was that we didn't bring it. He wanted to look through my purse then, so I just handed him my phone thinking, "He doesn't know how to open it. It's no big deal." Well, he figured it out pretty quickly. He's such a smarty! ;) He started pushing the buttons and noticed the numbers were rainbow colors. He thought that was amazing and just kept pushing the numbers over and over again until the phone wouldn't let him push them any more. Then he closed the phone and started over. He did this the entire meeting. Then, he wanted to do it during the drive home. Then he wanted to push the buttons for the rest of the day. Amazing! Today, I was texting my friend, and he was sitting on my lap. He said, "Ooooh! Numbers! Numbers!" As he's trying to grab the phone away from me, I said it wasn't his turn this time.

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