Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Old Man

I just realized I never blogged about Monday!  With all this stuff going on around me, (the most important is the major cleaning job I am attempting on my house because I host bunko tomorrow - eek!) I have been preoccupied.  But Monday was Mr. Jones' birthday!  My honey turned 36!  Crazy.  He's so old!  Hee hee.  No he isn't, but he's older than me, so I get to tease him.  For his birthday celebration, we went out to dinner.  We ate at Boston's and then went to (our favorite) Nielson's Frozen Custard.  If you have never tried this stuff, you absolutely have to.  No more excuses.  It's hands down better than ice cream.  And a little bit better for you, too.  But only a small amount because it's still junk food.  Any way.  He had a great day, and got Microsoft 7 and a new hard drive for his computer.  It's what he wanted.  I wanted to get him theater tickets to see Legally Blonde, but that would have been something more appropriate for myself I suppose.  I thought about Muse tickets, too, but he said no to that too.  Oh well.  I love my geeky husband.  He's so sweet to me.  Spoils me, really.  Then he's a great dad.  He's so much better at it than me. Oh, yeah.  I'm not a dad.  He he.  Sorry.  That was lame.  I'm just a lucky girl I suppose.  He's my McDreamy. :D

I think he has gorgeous eyes.

He loved the card, Michele! :)

The card I made him.  It says, "You take the cake!"

It's just what I wanted!  Oh, yeah, I helped you order it...

Balloon from Grandma S.

Another present!?


abby said...

i love grandma sharp's balloons. happy birthday mr. jones!

chelebug said...

Looks like a perfect party. :)
miss you all.

wendy said...

Happy belated Birthday! We are the same age. Except you are a week or so older. I didn't realize that.