Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pants! Always Wear Pants!

Tuesday, I was downstairs editing the super short movie the kids and I made for my sister's just for fun film festival when Kurtis came downstairs and said, "Do you want to pull my motorcycle into the garage?"  He's trying to teach me to drive it, you see (although not very consistently).  So I say to him, "Should I put pants on, or will I be okay to just wear shorts?"  "Um, it's not that hot.  You should be okay."
So I go outside, get on the motorcycle and as I am putting my feet on the foot rest thingies, I burned the back of my right calf on the exhaust pipe.  I promptly got off, and told him that was a really bad burn and it needed first aid.
I was right, too.  It started out barely a pinkish color and then turned a purple and started to blister.  By the next day, the blisters were basically one big blister.  I took some pictures, but they are gross and I don't want to gross you out.  I put one on facebook, but I decided it was gross (and a really bad picture because I took it with my phone), and took it off.  Then yesterday, I bent down to put sunscreen on Kaleb (we went swimming with my bestest friend Nicole and her kids.  It was fun!), and the blister popped.  I didn't want to pop it myself, so I am glad it popped on it's own, but it was gross.  It's beginning to heal but I may end up with a massive scar.  It's about a 3 or 4 inch oval on my once beautiful and sexy leg.
Lesson learned though.  When my husband tells me I don't need to wear pants, he's wrong.  Always wear pants.

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Michele said...

ouch! :-( I will remember to wear pants if I'm ever in that situation.