Wednesday, February 12, 2014

In Which We Time Travel To October 31, 2013

I need to go back in time and relive the past.  Not far.  Just to HALLOWEEN!  What the what!?  I did not blog about my favorite holiday peeps!  Nor did I blog about Kaleb's birthday, or Christmas.
So these next few posts, I'm going to do just that.  We'll see how good my memory is, or if I am prematurely going senile.
So, Halloween was on October 31st.  As usual.  The kids had their costume parade as school.  Kurtis took the day off, and came to watch it.  I have it on video, but let's face it.  You don't care.  I know you don't.  Don't even try to lie.  That vlog thing I was doing?  I haven't vlogged in awhile.  I plan to do it some more, but it's haaaard.
Any way.
Kurtis kind of ruined Halloween for me this year.  He told the kids they had to come up with their own costumes and that I could help, but I shouldn't be expected to make their costumes for them.  So the kids did nothing!  Duh!  They would do nothing unless I did it for them!  That's what moms are for!  Right?
Not really.  But Kaleb wanted to be Naruto and Riley wanted to be Saske.  I was totally all about helping them with these costumes, but then Kurtis said that and I really think they thought he meant they had to put their costumes together themselves and that I couldn't help.
Then my mom showed up in September with a couple of race cars my uncle made for his kids probably about ten years ago.  They were awesome and in pretty amazing condition.  Now that they've been in my house for less than a year, they are not in such great condition.  Kaleb decided that he wanted to be one of the race cars.  Great.  Kaleb's costume was done!  Mic drop.
Riley decided he wanted to be a creeper and use Zach's creeper costume from a few years back.  Riley's costume - BAM! Done!
Zach said he wanted to just be a wizard and use the King Arthur cape I made him when he was in sixth grade and had to do a wax museum for school.  But he wasn't allowed to wear his costume to school.  Jr. High sucks rocks.
Halloween arrives and the two younger ones wear their costumes to the parade.  I take them home so they don't get ruined.  Halloween night arrives.  Kurtis takes Kaleb out.  Five minutes later, he is back again.  The costume wasn't working, and Kaleb was having trouble with it.  He was in tears.  I dressed him up like the devil in one of  Zach's old costumes from a few years ago.
Riley, Zach, and their friend Chris take off together to hunt for candy.  Fifteen minutes later, Riley comes back home.  His costume is also not working.  The back keeps coming off.  Kill me now, please.  I throw him in a black robe and put black face paint over his eyes.  He's Death.  Now get out of the house, so the trick-or-treaters can get their candy.
They had a really awesome and successful Halloween, though.  I love that day.  It's the best.

 My front porch.  I think I finally took down the Tardis door in November.  No, it was early December.  When I decorated for Christmas.  Mostly because it was falling down.  But Kurtis was also all like, "So when are you going to take that down?" or "Don't you think it's time to take that down?"  The party pooper.  I wanted to put a wreath on the door and take a picture, but the magnet I usually use to hang my wreaths wouldn't hold the weight of the wreath through the plastic table cloth.  I was bummed.

 Kaleb's pumpkin.  The boys all decided to do pumpkins from the book series called Warriors by Erin Hunter.  They love those books.  This one is from the Shadow Clan.

 My pumpkin is hypnotized by my good looks.

 Zach's pumpkin is the Thunder Clan.

 Kurtis likes to keep it simple due to his carpel tunnel.

 Riley's is the River Clan.

 Kaleb's first costume.

 Aaaand his second costume.

 Riley's second costume.  The hood is his white hoodie.  Zachary wouldn't let me take his picture (the jerk).  Wait.  Maybe I forgot to take them before they left.  Whatever.  I wouldn't do that.  But I don't have Riley in his other costume.  Hmmmm.  Yep.  I forgot.

 Front porch in the dark.  Wooooooo!  Creepy!

I hope every body had an awesome Halloween!

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