Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Finally - We Meet in Real Life!

A long time ago, in a state not to far from my state, a boy met a girl.  He fell in love with her, and somehow, got this beautiful girl to fall for him, too.  They set a date for their wedding.  Everyone was invited.  It was going to be a grand affair.  But two of his cousins and their families were not there.  They never got to meet his stunning bride, and fall in love with her, too.  They're relationship with his family became reduced to the family picture and Christmas letters they got sent every year - even after they moved to the same state.  Then, one of the cousins (me) discovered blogging.  She began reading other blogs.  The boy's sister had a blog.  She read that one.  Then she clicked on a link to another blog.  It was his wife's blog.  "Oh, my goodness!"  She thought.  "I am so excited to find this!  But is it weird if I post a comment?  I'll just stalk her a bit.  She'll never know, and I won't be a bother."
That is literally how I met my cousin's wife.  One day, her post was just simple.  It was of a picture of an eaten Creamies Popsicle stick.  It said, "Out of Creamies?  Time to die."  Or something like that.  It was hilarious.  I couldn't hold myself back any longer.  I had to let her know I that when I saw that, I literally laughed out loud.  For real.  Then, she posted pictures of my cousin (who I hadn't seen in a very long time), and I told her he looked so much like my brother.  Then I realized she probably had no idea who I was, so I told her Jamie and I are cousins.  I almost didn't publish that comment.  I felt silly.  Then, she started reading my blog.  Sometimes she would leave comments, and remind me that we had never actually met in real life.  "Oh, yeah."  I would always think.  Because reading her blog always made me feel like I had, and that we'd known each other all along.  I would sigh, and feel a little empty after that.  Like that was a problem that needed to be fixed.
After I wrote about my brother's missionary farewell, she said she would have come if she had known.  I didn't know she didn't know.  My parents should have told everyone!  I should have told everyone!  So I invited her to Riley's baptism.  They were so excited to come, and then tragedy struck.  She got sick, and because she's awesome, she didn't want to give it to us.  We'd had enough puke the week before, so I was grateful.  But I was bummed she wasn't there.
It was destiny that we should finally meet though.  My big sister decided last minute to visit for Thanksgiving.  She's the other cousin who never met her because they live so far away!  It was perfect!  We could both meet her.  Arrangements, and a pot roast were made.  Last night, she drove to my house, and Michele and her family drove to my house (they are staying at our mom's), and we ate dinner together.  Apparently, I make really good pot roast.  I wouldn't really know because I don't like pot roast (but I like the carrots and potatoes!).  But at least I am good at something.  After dinner, the three of us went on a quest for dessert.  We drove to Nielsen's Frozen Custard only to find it closed for remodeling.  Then we drove to the frozen yogurt place in my town.  It was epic.

I stole this picture from her blog.  But I think it's the one she gave me for Christmas, so I think it's okay.  We're tight.  Aren't they a gorgeous family?  I got to meet her little monkeys, too.  But alas, Jamie had to study for a test the next day, and couldn't join the lot of us.  I hope you did awesome! :D


The Arnells said...

way cute post. thats funny. the part about neilsons being closed though, made me cry. brought real tears to my eyes. seriously?

Lissybug said...

I'm serious. The sign on the door did not say when they would re-open either. :( I almost cried, too, but luckily I held it together. That would have been embarrassing!

chelebug said...

I had a nice time too & very glad we got to meet our cousin's wife. It makes me sad I'm not closer. We could have many more good times together. Thank goodness for blogs. :)

abby said...

melissa! this is the sweetest! seriously, i'm so glad i know you girls and you're not just a christmas card to me anymore. :) i had such a nice time. i feel like you're both just old friends or real life cousins i've known forever. thank you for being so welcoming and awesome!

p.s. that is most definitely NOT the christmas photo i sent you. ha ha! those were our outtakes. we look marginally better in the one i sent out.