Friday, November 19, 2010

I Heart Harry Potter

Well, well, well.  Somethings just can't stay hidden for long.  It's true.  I really do enjoy me some Harry Potter.  So my bestest friend, Nicole, and I decided to go see the midnight show.  I've never been to a midnight show.  I went to the movie theater's website, and saw that there was also an event/party thingy.  I said, "Do you want to go to a party, too?"  And she said, "What party?  Hells, yes, I want to go to a party!" (Yes.  She did say that.)  Then I directed her to the website.  Because I am savvy that way.  Girls' Night was on, baby!
Thursday, I drove down to the big city where my bestest friend lives.  We met when I lived in the big city at Stampin' Up! stamp club.  She liked me.  Had one of those girl crushes.  Kind of like a man crush, but only girly.  I liked her, too.  It worked out.  We're awesome together.  I digress.
We went to Chick-fil-A for dinner.  Okay, I ate.  She got a Coke.  I said, "I threw up last night."  It was true.  I woke up at one in the morning and puked my guts out.  Then I was fine.  Then, at three, I woke up and wondered if I needed to throw up again.  I didn't.  I think I just ate something that did not sit right with me in my stomach.  But I lost two pounds when I weighed myself the next morning.  That's all that matters, right?
I digress again.  I probably will again.  Just wait for it.
After dinner, we went to the movie theater where they were having the party.  A little place called "The District".  No lie.  It sounds so - I don't know.  Concrete?  Prisony?  But it's not.  It's nice.  We went to Platform 9 3/4 where we checked in, were given wrist bands, and our acceptance letters to Hogwarts.  So exciting!  Then we got our 6 free Galleons (if you wanted more, they were $10 for 6 - so not worth it).  Then we got to play dress up in some witchy clothes, and get our picture taken.  We watched a kid try to beat his mom at Wizard Chess, and posed by the chess board.  After that, we got sorted.  I am a Gryffindor.  My bestest friend suddenly became my arch enemy when the Sorting Hat put her in Slytherin.  So rude.  Actually, we just randomly picked these badges out of a bowl.  I wanted to be in Ravenclaw.  "Wit beyond measure is a man's greatest treasure." (Rowena Ravenclaw)  I'm really not that brave.
After we got sorted, we decided to check out the Care of Magical Creatures class.  They had a snake, and lizards, and turtles, and spiders!  Super!  We waited in line for an hour (well, maybe only half an hour) to get a characterture of ourselves done.  They didn't look like us, though.  Nicole was talking to the guy doing them, and she asked him if he does this all the time for a living.  He said, "No, I actually work down in the kitchen, and they said, 'Hey - you can draw.  Do you want to do this?'"  Yeah.  That's awesome.  We got ourselves a butterbeer at the Hogs Head, and went to Divination.  We also went to Herbology.  I got an orchid.  I hope it grows into an orchid any way.  We'll see.  I'm not very good at keeping houseplants alive.  Then we went and got some popcorn, and two giant Cokes (I had to drive home after the movie!), and sat down in the theater.  The young men who sat by us were really excited to be there.  It was so fun to see all the people who dressed up, too!  There was a Mad-Eye Moody, the Dursleys, tons of Harrys and Hermoines, and people who just decided to dress in certain House colors.  It was a great night.  I told Riley what I did last night, and he got really mad at me for not letting him come along.  I think that's funny.  Why would I bring my kid to the midnight show?  Oh, Nicole brought her camera.  I stole it, and took lots of pictures.  Here's a few:

Yeah, just ignore her dates stamp.  It's wrong. But that's my letter!

Here we are together, together, together.  Hooray for Hogwarts!

"That's barbaric!"  "That's a wizard's chess!"

 We found Dumbledore! :D

I heart Dumbledore!

Oh, yeah.  I'm pretty undesirable.

You'd better watch out for her.  She's dangerous.



While we were waiting in line to get sorted we were asked if we wanted to become members of the Oder of the Phoenix or Death Eaters.  We chose the good guys.  Duh! :)

Yeah, no.  I didn't put a snake around my neck.  But you go, Britney Spears.  Oh, yeah.

Snakes aren't my thing, but Nicole does not like spiders.

So awesome.

Time for some refreshment.

I asked Professor Snape to take our picture.  He was kind enough to oblige.
Butterbeer is pretty yummy.

Hey!  That's where we had dinner!

Oh, what a night!  It was so totally wicked!


abby said...

hey! so you know we live like 2 minutes from the district right? we were going to go last night but jamie had to work super early! too funny. we're headed there in a few minutes, actually. i'm glad it was fun! but jealous too. you are pretty-pretty.

Lissybug said...

Oh, thanks, Abby. You are pretty-pretty, too! :) And no, I did not know you live so close to The District! Next time I am there, I will have to let you know. :)