Monday, June 16, 2014

In Which This Blog Post May Have Too Much Going On

We had a pretty good weekend.  I hope you did, too.
Saturday, we helped my sister move into her new apartment.  I was surprised that we were done so quickly, but then again, there are only two people in her family right now.  They really didn't have that much stuff.  You know.  As apposed to two adults with three children who have waaaaay too many toys.
Sunday was Father's Day and we just went to church.  Then I took a nap.  I saw my dad while we were moving and gave him his present Saturday.  I got him so root beer in the glass bottles and a chocolate bar.  He loves root beer.  Kurtis told me he wanted some books for his Kindle, so Friday, he got those, but Sunday I gave him his card and made him his favorite dinner.

Here's the card I made for my dad and for Kurtis (Yep.  I make the same card for both of them.  Yep.  They are okay with it.  I do the same thing for our anniversary and my parents' anniversary).

But today was really, really awesome.  Because this happened:

Yes, that's Kaleb (yes, I feed him!) and yes, he is taking his first swimming lesson!
He is so excited!  Riley and Zach are jealous.  They had swimming lessons when they were like two and three, but would like to take them again.  I'm not sure if they are too old though.  They'd have to start over.
After class, I asked him what he'd learned.
"I didn't learn anything.  We just played games."
"I saw you kicking."
"Yeah.  It was fun."
"You were learning how to kick your legs when you swim."
On our way out the drive way, there were a few of these birds in the tree in our front yard.  They were undeterred by the car, too.  Which I thought was odd.  But so cool!

 Here, his teacher is getting them to put their faces in the water.
And Kaleb actually did it! :D 

 Here they are, kicking.  He'd get them to go fast and then slow.

 Then they played with the rings.

 And put them on his arm.

Then it was time to get out of the water!  It was not a warm day this morning.
"Did you have fun?"  I asked.  "Do you want to keep going?"
"Yes!  I want to take swimming lessons until I learn to swim."
We'll see if he passes Level 1.

Then we all went to the dentist.  No cavities.  Kurtis needs to floss better.  My gum line has receded drastically on one tooth (pray it doesn't get worse, or I will have to have a graft of some sort), Zach needs sealants, so does Riley, and Kaleb needs a frenectomy.  So we'll be back in a couple weeks to do that fun stuff.  But we always go to dinner afterwards so here's this from my Instagram:

It was good.  And now I get to finish the laundry!

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