Sunday, June 1, 2014

In Which I Leave Out the Ducks

Today, on the next edition of Sacrament Meeting Art, we have another special guest appearance by Riley.

 Sacrament Meeting Art #24:  June 1, 2014.
Riley finally decided to finish his depiction of our kitty, Meko.
She's a good cat.  We like her.

Sacrament Meeting Art #25:  June 1, 2014.
I love nature.  Heavenly Father truly did give us a beautiful world.  There's a lot of bad in it, but so much more good.  This picture is inspired by one of the pictures I took on Memorial Day.  I just didn't feel like drawing the ducks.  Or the parking lot.  Or the trees in the background.  Kaleb pointed out that I didn't put them in, so I'm giving you the explanation before you even asked the question.

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