Friday, December 4, 2009

It's Snowing! And Some Really Bad Family Pictures

I wanted snow.  The weather is being quite uncooperative, though.  Just wait.  We'll get it dumped on us right after Christmas.  So I decided to create snow of my own.  I found this and wa-la!  My blog is snowing!  Isn't it awesome? 
So here are some family pictures Emily took for us.  We went to Salt Lake to a little place called Garden Ward Park (or something similar) in the Sugar House area.  It's a church with a little garden area that is ideal for taking pictures.  It's probably much prettier in the spring when the flowers bloom.  The day was cold.  The kids were buttheads and didn't want to do anything but make faces at Emily.  I also wanted snow in the pictures.  I just did, that's all.  It's a Christmas picture for goodness sakes.  Bother.  Well, I guess I should say there was snow.  It was melted snow that nobody really wanted to lay down in.  Eh, I can't blame them.  It was cold.
Hope you like the Family Pics (I don't) for this year's Christmas card.  I don't know.  Maybe I will hire a photographer after all.

Bug-eyed Riley and Kaleb not looking at the camera.

This one is cute, but I did one of only the boys last year. (Last year's was so awesome!)

Once again, Riley, please open your eyes.  I look hot, though.  Check me out.  I look good in purple.

Why isn't Zachary closing his mouth?

This is a good one.  Perhaps we should use this one.

Maybe this is the one we should use.  They were the most cooperative ones there.  Kurtis and the duck.

Heaven help us.


abby said...

the kurtis and the duck one for sure! that made me laugh. i think these pictures are actually really good! i'm a fan of kind of spontaneous pictures where not everyone looks perfect or is looking straight at the camera and all that. my favorite is the eyes half open one. i mean that truly. i expect it in the mail.

Shauna said...

It's the curse of having three boys. It is absolutely impossible to get all three of them looking normal at the same time. Ever noticed that I post a family picture . . . never? I guess that's what Photoshop is for.

Michele said...

I LOVE them all! You should send them all together as a strip of folded postcards (do you know what I'm talking about?). I really do like them. Your captions make me laugh. I like laughing when I get Christmas cards- it makes me happy. When people have a perfect picture and talk about their volunteer project of building a Christian youth center in Africa and the marathons they ran in boston, NY, and Chicago, and the Ski trip in the Swiss Alps that makes me grumpy. (Okay, I haven't received a card with all of those exact things in the same letter, but you get the idea). I don't think you should hire a photographer- then you will just be mad you are paying $$$ for your boys to pull faces. I love the location. Brian and I went there for our Christmas photo when Ana was a baby. :) And it looks even better in your pictures. Your pics turned out great. I am serious I like them.

Michele said...

P.S. You do look good in purple.

Wendy said...

I like the one where you are standing against a light blue wall (mouth open). ;-) I think they all look pretty darn good.