Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nine is Fine!

Zachary was born on May 9, 2001.  I think it was a Wednesday.  I remember it was Mother's Day, the day after I brought him home.  So now he and I get to share a special day once every few years.  This year is one of those years.  His birthday falls on Mother's Day.  I told Kurtis not to get me anything because it was Zach's birthday.  I didn't want to steal his thunder.  Besides, I just got new shoes and some Pampered Chef stuff, so I'm good.  Zach seem to be having a really great birthday weekend, though.  Party Friday, hiking with Uncle Ben Saturday, and today, he got to unwrap his presents and open his cards from his family.  Awesome!  I put the camera on movie mode and took some video for you to see him opening his presents.  Also, for his party, I got him a singing balloon.  At the end, he hits it, and you get to hear it sing.  It's pretty fun.  Actually, I love it. It makes me smile and dance.

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Michele said...

Happy Birthday Zach!! William and Henry would like to fish with you.
Sorry to say I mailed your Birthday card today- I waited and waited for everyone to sign it, finally I mailed it anyway.