Monday, May 31, 2010

The Fun Just Never Stops!

Friday, Zach had another field trip.  His school seems to like putting all of their field trips at the end of the year for some reason.  And seriously, if you are going to break your leg, at the end of the school year, third grade is not the grade to do that.  Riley doesn't have any field trips.  Well, okay, he's had one or two.  But since Zach broke his leg, I have had to go to all of them.  Any way, this one was pretty fun.  This one is a reward for the students who finished their reading goals for the year.  All the third graders walked to the park that is nearby our school.  I drove Zach.  When we got there, there was a dunk tank set up, and water kickball was being set up.  They divided the kids up into their classes, and each class went to a different station.  Our first station was the water kickball.  Zach sat in his camp chair, and watched his friends play.  I asked him if he wanted to kick the ball with his crutch, but he said, no.  The next station was the water balloon activity.  Three women had a giant slingshot that they were using to fling water balloons into the crowd of kids and let them pop all over them.  It was a lot of fun.  Zach got to help put the water balloons in the slingshot.  He wasn't really strong enough to fling them into the crowd while sitting down.  Then they had a squirt gun fight.  I wrapped his cast in a plastic bag, so he could join in (while sitting in his camp chair).  He really liked that part.  Especially when he started squirting me.  I got a gun and squirted him right back!  Then he got to throw a ball and try to dunk his friends at the dunk tank.  Zach asked me to get him a water balloon when he was done throwing the ball.  I did, and he then popped it all over himself!  I didn't bring him a change of clothes because I didn't think he would be getting very wet (what with him being in a cast and all!), but he soaked himself!  After all the games, the sky got dark and cloudy and the teachers decided they had better walk the kids back to school instead of eating lunch in the park.  While they were walking back, I drove Zach home and had him change into dry clothes.  We got back just as his class was arriving.  They all ate lunch in their class rooms instead of the park.  Zach had a lot of fun even though he couldn't get dunked, and I was just happy that it was okay for me to bring Kaleb along.  Kaleb disappointed that we didn't get to eat at the park, so I promised him we would eat there soon.
After that adventure, I decided it was okay to treat myself to a movie with my bestest friend Nicole!  We went and saw Iron Man 2.  Loved it!  I don't read comic books, but I do enjoy the movies they make based on the comic book series, and this one is very, very good.  I recommend it, and I'm sure you've heard by now, but when you see it, you have to stay until the end of the credits and watch the little teaser.

 Water kickball.  The bases were bucket and kiddie pools, and they slip 'in slided into home.

Sling Shot!  Zach and Kaleb helped put the balloons in.

Zach waiting to put a water balloon in the sling shot.

He's squirting me.  See the plastic bag on his leg?
Here he is getting ready to dunk his friend! (Evil laughter)  Notice the sky is no longer blue like in the sling shot picture.  The weather changes quickly around here.

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chelebug said...

What a fun day! :) they put all the field trips at the end because they are done grading- at least that's what my teacher friend says. The teachers are just as done as the kids.