Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Playgrounds and Dragons

Memorial Day was a fun day for us.  Kurtis didn't have to go to work, so that is always a bonus.  The kids didn't have school either, so we decided to do something together.  We decided to go on a picnic in the park.  Kaleb was so happy.  So was Riley.  He started yelling, "Yay! I can run around and be loud!"  Or something like that.  It was pretty funny.  Zach was indifferent.  He didn't think there would be much for him to do there.  Kurtis made us sandwiches while I worked on the potato salad for later, and then we were off!
We ate our lunch of turkey or roast beef sandwiches with lettuce, tomatoes, and avocados.  Mmmm.  We love avocados.  Then Kaleb and Riley went off to the playground.  Kurtis got out the soccer ball, and we tried to convince Zach that he should hurry up and eat his sandwich, so he could go play too.  He just looked at me with such contempt.  "I can't play soccer!  I don't like using my crutches on the grass!"  Well, I promised he could kick the ball with his crutches, and that we would go easy on him.  He didn't go for it at first.  He finished his sandwich, and finally joined in.  He actually did have fun!  I told him he didn't have to give everything up just because he broke his leg.  After the park, we went to see a movie called How to Train Your Dragon.  We absolutely loved it!  It was such a fun adventure.  Riley wants a pet dragon now, and is pretty bummed that he can't have one in real life.  They thought it was pretty cool that we let them get popcorn and candy too.  That's not going to happen for a long time again. :P  Then we went to our friend's house for a BBQ!  We had fun grilling up steaks for Kurtis and the boys (I still don't like steak).  Kurtis ended up eating 3 steaks because Riley and Kaleb either didn't eat theirs or ate very little.  I told him he was going to have a hear attack.  The kids played video games and the adults chatted with one another.  It was fun to meet some new people and spend time with my friend, Amy.  You rock, Lady!  Thanks for inviting us.  When we got home, I realized summer vacation hadn't started yet, so it was back to making the boys make their lunch for tomorrow, and getting them in their pajamas for bed.  Ah, the grind.  It would be so nice to simply live a life of leisure where I could do whatever I wanted.  But I live in reality.  And that's just where I want to be.

Riley seems to want a career in modeling.  He jumped up there and said, "Mom!  Take my picture!"

Kurtis - a Creative Zen advertisment.

Making faces.

Playing in the sand is fun!

Riley, attempting to push himself on the swing.  A task he deems impossible, and I am the worst mom ever for telling him that he is old enough to push himself on a swing!

Zachary, kicking the ball.

His "You were right, Mom." face.

Our mountains.

Oh, wait.  We were way too zoomed in.  Let's try again.

That's better!  Sneaky Dad!

Zach took some pictures.  He's my budding photographer.  "Mom! Get back in the picture!"

There is a ramp up the playground equipment.

Kaleb doesn't like to have his picture taken.

But I managed to get this one!  I love that smile!

Riley is a little backwards sometimes.


chelebug said...

It looks like you did have a fun Memorial Day. :) Your kids are funny. Love ya and wish we were there. :)

Lissybug said...

I wish you were here, too. But when we were in Oregon, I kept seeing places and thinking, Michele would love it here. You could have a Christmas tree farm there. :)

chelebug said...

That would be kind of cool. I do love Oregon. It might be a little to earthy trendy for me? don't know. It is a way higher cost of living. I have a question for you, but I only have your phone# in Brian's cell-call me. Thanks :)

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