Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Cast

Zachary went to the doctor yesterday.  Dr. Warby had to take his cast off.  The saw was a little bit scary for Zach.  He held my hand, and said, "Whoa!" when it felt like the saw would go through to his leg.  But he only saws through the hard part of the cast and cuts the soft insides of it with scissors.  His x-rays show that his bones are healing nicely, but he isn't quite healed yet (it's only been two weeks).  He got a new cast on.  He chose green this time.  He was telling Kurtis all about it last night and said, "This time, the x-rays didn't hurt, and it only hurt a little bit when he was putting my cast on."  Zach was trying to help his dad feel better.  He's such a sweetheart.  I brought the kids with me this time rather than leaving them with my friend, and Riley had to ask what everything was, and what it was for.  The doctor put the first layers of the cast on, and they aren't green, it's only the last layer that has the color, and he kept saying, "That's not green!"  The doctor would say, "What?  It looks green to everyone else.  Aren't you eating your vegetables?"  And Riley told him he only eats vegetables once a month (which isn't true).  It was pretty funny.

He got one of those sticky hands at school today, and wanted it in the picture.  That's the weird thingy on his cast.

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chelebug said...

HaHa! that doctor is clever. :) I like clever doctors. I can't see the pic for some reason, but I bet it looks great.