Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School!

It'S the MOST WonDerFuL tImE of the yEAr!  
Yesterday was the first day of school for my boys.  Mostly for Zach, and Riley, though.  Kaleb only went to kindergarten for an hour, and then he won't go back to school until Friday for half an hour to take his kindergarten assessment test at eight o'clock in the morning.  So school officially will begin for him on Monday.  Any way, Riley did not want to go back to school, and was quite upset about Kaleb getting the rest of the week off.  He claims it was not like that for him when he went to kindergarten.  Well, he's wrong, so we decided to prod him further to find out what was going on.  Riley likes school.  Turns out, he was afraid to go back because he wouldn't have Mrs. Gally any more.  He did not want a new teacher.  Mrs. Gally is the best.  We assured him Mrs. VanDyke would probably be way awesome, too.  But he would not listen. 
When he came home yesterday, I asked him if he liked his new teacher.  He said, "Yes!  She is the best teacher I have ever had next to Mrs. Gally!"  Ha ha!  I love it!  Zach also loves his new teacher.  He said, "Mrs. Crittenden is the best teacher he has ever had next to Mrs. Jones!" (his first grade teacher).  I'm glad they are excited for the new year.  Riley was put out with me this morning because at 8:20, I told them it was time to go to school.  Riley said, "I wanted to leave at 8:15!"  Ha ha!  Funny kid.  They don't need to leave that early.
Zach is in fourth grade now, and Riley is in second.  
What a great year they are going to have!

The wanted a picture of their backpacks, I guess. :)

The first day is always exciting!


Katrina and Brian said...

Hey our kids go to the same school.

Stacey said...

How awesome that they were so excited! Josh and Jake are excited to start school here, too, but a little nervous as well. I arranged for them to be in the same class since they are at a new school and they are happy about that. They start on Monday, the 30th. Tomorrow we go to the "Meet and Greet" to meet the teacher and explore the school.

Forest had Mrs. Crittenden last year! We liked her and Forest enjoyed his class.