Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's Pretty Much a Big Deal

Yesterday day was a really, really good day.  I got myself and everyone else up early.  We got ready for the day, and then headed up to Brigham City to see the groundbreaking ceremony for the new LDS temple.  It was a wonderful ceremony.  My heart is full of joy for the people who live in the town where I grew up.  I never, ever once thought there would be a temple there.  There are so many temples in northern Utah already.  Who knew the presidency of our church would feel it necessary to build a temple there.  Elder Boyd K. Packer gave the dedicatory prayer.  He grew up there, too.  I didn't know that.  There used to be a school on the vacant lot they are using for the temple (across the street from the tabernacle on main street).  It was Central School.  My parents tell me I knew there was a school there once, but the memory of it is vague.  It wasn't my school.  But it was Elder Packers.  He remembered going to school there, and spoke of it in his talk.  His wife also spoke.  She's delightful.  Elder Russell M. Nelson also spoke briefly.  I am grateful that my children, and my husband, and I got to be a part of this day.  It was a big deal to me.  After the ceremonial turning of the dirt by the apostles, they asked the stake presidents to turn some dirt, too.  Then the bishops of the wards.  After that, the children were given the opportunity to also turn the dirt, and dig the hole for the temple.  All the kids said they wanted to, but only Zach did.  By the time it was their turn, Riley and Kaleb were too cranky.  I took a picture.  I hope they feel stupid when they are older for it.  Hee hee hee. 
After the temple groundbreaking, my dad took me and the boys fishing.  Kurtis doesn't like fishing, so he told Zach he would have to ask his grandpa to take him.  It was a lot of fun.  Well, not at first.  We went up into the canyon to fish in the Box Elder Creek, but they were unsuccessful.  So he drove us out to North Ogden, and we went fishing at the fish hatchery.  The boys had a lot of fun trying to catch a fish.  You can buy fish food that puts the fish into a feeding frenzy, and usually that equals one of them getting hooked when you have your hook in the middle of the frenzy.  Riley caught the first one.  Then Kaleb.  Then, I turned around to get a picture of Zach catching his, and Kaleb cries, "I caught another one all by myself!"  Indeed he had!  Without the help of any chum at all!  That was pretty exciting.  Then, Riley, also caught another.  But alas, we ran out of chum, bought some more, and Zachary still did not catch a fish that day.  He was a little bummed, but he got over it quickly.  He wanted to go fishing, and he got to do that, so I think that's what made him happiest.  He wants to go again soon.  :)  Me?  I am not a fish person.  I just went to take pictures. :)

This is the tabernacle.  We were outside with my parents, but Kaleb complained of the heat, so we went to watch the groundbreaking on a video screen inside.  Where there was air conditioning.

Uncle Ben came by to say hi, and play with the boys for a minute (Then he went back to his girlfriend).

My parents and Riley.  Kurtis and Zach are in the background.

The canal.  What boy would stay on their blanket when they have that to check out!

The lady in the blue suit is Sis. Packer.  The man's head that you can see right behind hers is Elder Packer.  It was pretty cool.

Zach digging the hole where the temple will go.

This is the awesomest picture ever.

Box Elder Creek

Scoping out the place.  Getting things ready.

Grandpa teaching Zach to fish.

They all got to take turns.

My monkey.

Riley, after his first catch.

This is the feeding frenzy.  If you can't see it very well, just click on the picture for a larger view.

After Kaleb caught his second, Riley did too!

I caught it all by myself!

While waiting for Zach to catch one, Riley and Kaleb tried to catch them with their hands.

Zach with one of Kaleb's fish.

The boys were really fascinated by the fish.  They wanted to hold and touch them.  Riley said, "I touched its eye!"

Kaleb caught a big one!

There were baby duckies!  They were so cute!

On our way home, it got all windy and stormy.  We saw the most beautiful rainbow!  It was the perfect end to a really perfect day. :)


chelebug said...

Love it! :) I'm so glad you took pictures, I was feeling a little sad we weren't there so the pictures satisfied my curiosity. My favorite is the grumpy Kaleb. :) Glad you had a perfect day.

Lissybug said...

Look at Riley's face too. The attitude that I have to deal with pretty much on a daily basis is written all over it. That kid needs therapy, and he's not even 8 yet! Ugh!

Stacey said...

How awesome that you got to go be a part of this day! I love the picture of Zack turning the dirt. That's pretty cool!

wendy said...

What a great day! And terrific photos.