Monday, August 30, 2010

Kindergarten! A New Adventure!

Today was Kaleb's official first day of kindergarten!  I am so excited for him!  Now, I know all of you are thinking what will you do with yourself for the two hours and forty minutes he is in school all day (Except for early out on Friday.  Then it's only two hours :P)?  Well, I will do whatever the heck I want on Wednesday and Friday.  But on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, I am babysitting three beautiful children out of my home.  Tyler is Kaleb's friend and goes to kindergarten with Kaleb.  After we get those two off to school, it's just me and the girls.  They are 2 and 3 months, and super super sweet.  After we get home, it's nap time, so I get a break for a bit, too.  So nice.  Kaleb is really liking having his friend over all the time.  People have told me how nice I am to watch my friends' kids, but she's paying me, so I don't really see how it's so nice.  It's a job.  I needed a job.  I am really actually quite grateful that she would ask me.  She's the nice one.  She's a saint, really.  She's a first grade teacher.  Yep.  She rocks.
 Kaleb told me his first day was "good.  Better than ever."  His words.  He loves kindergarten.  His favorite part is story time.  That's not surprising.  He loves stories - especially silly stories.  Right now, I am reading him Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  He is loving it.  He likes the movies, too.  He told me he got to school right on time, so he missed recess.  Oh, well.  Today, it was raining, so Tyler's mom drove over during her lunch break from the school and picked them up.  I mentioned she teaches first grade, but I forgot to mention she teaches it at our school!  Awesome.  Any way, they missed recess.  Kaleb said Tyler really wanted to go to recess, but he wanted to go to recess more than Tyler.  Oh well.  Tomorrow we will leave in enough time for them to get to play on the playground before school.  It's not supposed to rain.  Of course, by the time she got to our house, it wasn't raining anymore.  I am so happy that Kaleb is going to kindergarten now.  There were no tears of sorrow.  Nope.  No tears at all.  Just a feeling of peace and freedom.  :)

 Kaleb says Tyler is his best friend.

 Silly faces to show how excited they are to go to school! :)


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Michele said...

That silly faces picture is sooo cute!