Friday, August 6, 2010

They Aren't Supposed to Be Outside in Their Pajamas in the First Place!

Kaleb doesn't really deal with pain very well.  This morning, I got in the shower and immediately Zach comes in the bathroom.  My thoughts are:  "Seriously?  Why can't they just give me ten minutes!"  But then he says to me, "Mom, Kaleb fell on the driveway."  "Is he hurt?"  "Yes."  "Is there blood?"  "A little bit."  "Where is he?"  "On your bed."  I had him get some tissues to put on the poor guy's knee so he didn't get blood on my sheets (he did anyway), and finished my shower.  I'm almost done, and suddenly, I hear Kaleb's bloody screams of pain.  I told Zach to try and calm him down while I hurried to finish.  After I got all dried off, I went over to my screaming child and asked where it hurt.  "My a-a-arm, and my kn-n-nee!"  He can barely get it out he's panicking so much.  I said, "Are you broken?"  "N-n-n-no-o-o!"  I didn't know if I should believe him, and almost called Kurtis to come home, so we could take him to the hospital.  I drug him to the bathroom sink and washed his feet, knees, and elbow.  All the while he's screaming like I am killing him.  "It stings!  It stings!"  I dried and dressed his wounds, and laid him back on the bed.  Zach poked his head in to make sure he was okay.  I said, "He's okay.  He just sounds like he broke something, but I'm pretty sure he didn't."  I told Kaleb he needed to calm down because he's scaring his brothers.  That did it.  He stopped screaming, and started calming down.  I finished getting dressed, and sat down with him while I read my book, holding his hand.  When he felt better, he got off my bed.  Now, he's playing like nothing happened.  It's a good thing he's a boy, and can't have babies.


chelebug said...

ha ha ha :) Before I get in the shower I always feel like I have to ask "Can I trust you not to do any damage to yourself, your family, or our home for the short time I take a shower & can you behave responsibly?" It hardly ever works. In fact I don't think it ever has. I was going to count today as a success, but that is arguable. I asked Ana to be in charge of helping William get ready and Isaac in charge of helping Henry get ready while I got a shower. When I was done everyone said they were ready and got in the car. When I asked everyone to get out of the car at church..."Wait! I don't have any shoes!" said Henry. Luckily he had left a pair of sneakers in there from another day. No one was crying when I got out of the shower tho so I count it a success.

Lissybug said...

My kids are the same way! I always ask them, are you ready to go? And they say, yes - but they don't have shoes and socks on! :D