Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mom! Look at Me!

Kurtis and I took the boys to our church parking lot today, and forced the boys to finally learn how to ride their bikes without their training wheels.  Well, except for Kaleb.  We just forced him to practice pedaling.  He still thinks he needs someone to give him a push before he can start pedaling.  I would move to a line, and say, "Okay, when you get here, you can have a drink of water."  Then I would move a little further away each time.  It worked unless he wanted me to walk back over to him and push him first.  Sometimes he would say, "No, I can do it."
Zachary learned first.  Once he got it down, he zoomed all over the parking lot.  He loved it!  So, I said, "Was I right?"  And he said, "Yes."  Yep.  When am I ever wrong?  Never.  That's right.  Unless I say I am wrong.  I have done that before.  Zach just said to me,  "I discovered the loving of bikes!"
Riley, on the other hand, can ride his bike.  He did it!  He just needs a little more practice because he has trouble pushing himself off.  Kurtis says part of the problem is he needs his seat lowered.  My kids are rock stars!

 I am surprised he decided to pick it up so quickly.  I am so pleased.

 Now, it's Riley's turn for Dad to help him.

 I love the look on Kurtis's face in this picture.  He's so excited for Riley.

 Riding on his own!

 Falling.  But we told them they would just have to get right back on their bikes until they got it down.

 This picture is a little blurry, but I love the look of determination on his face!

 Kaleb didn't want to ride any more, so I said his bike was lonely.

 He got back on.  No more lonely bikes!

 My little bikers.  We could start a gang.  Well, once Mom and Dad get their own bikes. :D


Emi-chi said...

I love the pictures! :) Now we'll have to go bike riding too!

chelebug said...

congratulations! yay! I'm impressed one time did it. It's because you told them Brian had a boss once who didn't learn how to ride a bike and they would grow up to be work obsessed accountants just like his boss,didn't you? haha I love all the pictures. That bike did look very lonely. I'm a little jealous your kids are in school...