Sunday, May 8, 2011

Buona Festa della Mamma!

So Kurtis did not forget that today is Mother's Day.  He woke me up at eight this morning, and said, "Hey, Melissa?"  "Hmmmm."  I was still sleepy.  "Happy Mother's Day!"  Then Zach came in about a half an hour later and said, "Hey, Dad, do you want Mom to open your present for her?"  "Hey!  Shhhhh!"  Zach left.  I giggled.  "That was supposed to be a surprise."  "Well, I am surprised.  You said my flowers were my Mother's Day present."  "No, I didn't."  "Yes, you did.  You said, 'I got you flowers for Mother's Day!'"  "No, I didn't say it like that!"  This went on a bit, but nobody won.  Except me.  I always win.  But we ended it when Kurtis said, "Maybe that is how you remember I said it, but that is not how I said it!"  Hee hee!
Riley gave me some bath salts/foot scrub that he put in a bag and decorated at school. I wanted to post some pictures of what they gave me, but the memory card on my camera isn't working!  Kurtis is re-formatting it, so hopefully it will be fine for tomorrow!
I slept in and we were a half an hour late for church.  Even though our church starts at eleven.  But today, Kurtis told me the world revolves around me, so if we are late, it's okay.  Church could start when I get there.  Well, of course, he was wrong, but it was fun to think so. ;)
After church, I waited for my parents to conference call me in with my little brother.  He's in Brazil.  The Zach and Riley talked to him, and then when I got the phone back, they said, "Okay, say good bye, and we'll call Michele!"  "What!?  But I didn't get to talk to him!"  So basically all I got to tell him was that I love him, and then I got kicked off.  Oh, well.  At least I got to hear his voice, and tell him that.
Then Riley asked when I was going to open my present.  I told him it was up to Dad, who told him it was up to me.  So I opened my present, and I got two books that I have been wanting to read!  Whoo-hoo!  I'm excited.  I almost started reading them right then, but I remembered I am reading something else, and they will have to wait their turn.  But believe me.  When I am done with my current selection, I will be starting them.  :)
But other than that, today was pretty typical.  I made chicken pot pie for dinner, and a cherry pie for Kurtis for dessert.  I don't like baked fruit, so I won't be eating it.  The kids still screamed at each other.
Sacrament Meeting was fun.  I got all teary-eyed when the kids sang the Mother's Day songs.  It was so cute!  Our neighbor's little girl came and sat with us, too.  She's about 18 months.  She was so cute.  Riley pulled out his crayons to color, and she decided that she needed to put them back in the box for him.  He'd pull out five or more crayons at once, and she'd put them back.  It made it hard for Riley to color, but he was super patient with her.  Then Kurtis came back from the restroom, and he played with the her, too.  He'd go to hand her a crayon, and then move it at the last second, so she missed.  She thought it was hilarious.  I love watching him play with babies.  He just loves them, and I love to watch his face when they play and smile or laugh with him.

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glad you had a great day :)