Friday, February 26, 2010

And the Results Are In!

Zachary and the other third graders at his school held their Potato Olympics today.  Our Potato Shawn did an excellent job in the many games held.  Here is Zachary's Potato Olympics Record Book:

And the results of the games are:

Potato Shawn won a bronze medal, 3 silvers, and a GOLD medal in the Luge!
Hooray for Potato Shawn! 
I wish I could have been ther to see him in action.  I'd say something in French that my mother always (and I do mean always) said to me when I didn't get my way, but I don't know how to spell it.  It means "Such is Life."  It just sounds so much better in French.


Emi-chi said...

Haha that is awesome! I want to have my own potato Olympics now. I don't know what phrase you're talking about though. The only similar one I know is 'Que sera, sera.' meaning 'What will be, will be.'

sweetlissybug said...

Ce la vie. I totally spelled it wrong,, I'm sure.

Unknown said...

William says shawn white is his fav
Isaac says awsome
Henry says awesome he got the gold in the luge
I say he looks awesome and congrats on the luge!!!!!

abby said...

c'est la vie. that's what i was going to say!

by the by, the new missionary couple in our ward totally knows your parents! so fun.

sweetlissybug said...

That's awesome, Abby! I will have to tell my mom and dad! He he he.
Thanks, to all who complimented. I told Zach, and he blushed, and got all hidey. It was cute.

Michele said...

I love it! congrats to Zach and Shawn! Tell me more about the games. how do do ice skating with a potato?