Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tsunade and Marmalade

I felt like there was one more thing about what we've been up to lately in order to get all caught up.  So I went through my photos and figured out that it was this:

Meet Tsunade (pronounced Sue-naw-day) and Marmalade.  I think you can figure out which is which.  These are my new goldfish for the frog tank.  We got them at the end of June or very beginning of July.
I was really tired of all the babies the guppies were having, and the frogs not eating them (like the people at the pet store said the would), so I got rid of them, and got me some pretty fish instead.  I figured since the frogs weren't eating the guppies and they were thriving, the pet store people were probably wrong about not being able to have fish in the tank with the frogs.  They said it would kill them.  What do they know?
Also, we now only have two frogs.  Nicole and her kids came over so Kurtis could watch them, while we had a girls' night out, and I finished feeding the fish just as they arrived.  Distracted, I forgot to put the top back on the tank, and while we were eating dinner, one of them got out.  We still haven't found it, and who knows when we will?  I told the kids, "I am not buying another one!"  So we just have George Washington Jones, and Abraham Lincoln Jones.  It's pretty sad.  Poor Kaleb.  He didn't seem to care, though.  Disappointing.


chelebug said...

Nice fish photo. Too bad about the run away frog. Maybe he will turn up. I like your new background. Stage lights seem very fitting for you. :)

Rach said...

We have had fish in our frog tank since we got the frog, and he has never, never eaten a fish. He's never even gone after the little baby ones that swim in the shallow water on top of the frog's rock. Those pet store people don't really have a clue, do they?