Wednesday, April 30, 2014

In Which I Change Into Someone Else After Being Someone Else

Here's the long anticipated transformation into Winnie.  Which really isn't nearly as entertaining as Jennifer.  But here you go.  These photos aren't the best, but when I get the ones that were professionally taken during the dress rehearsal, I'll post some of those.  I'm excited to see them.

 So after I rush down the stairs backstage, I start changing my appearance.  I take off all the jewelry and rush into the dressing room to change my outfit.

 Here I am in the wig cap.  I take this off after I put on Winnie's dress.

Remember, without the wig cap, I look like this.

 Then I start furiously pulling out all those pins.  I'm actually pretty fast at it.

 All the pins are out!

 Then I brush out my hair, put on the cute headband I made, different jewelry, and I stuff a handkerchief down my bra.  She cries a lot.

Oh, and I also change the lipstick! And now I am Winnie Hickory Wood!  I love her.  She's really awesome.  She loves her husband fiercely and doesn't take any crap from his best friend, or any one else for that matter.  She's a lot of fun to play.
Then I rush upstairs to help my fake husband with all of his costume changes and keeping his characters straight.  Well, as long as I'm not on stage.  Then he's on his own.  I can only do so much.  Hee hee!

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abby said...

You're a babe!! When Golden isn't crying (like he is right now), I need to catch up on all your posts and find out about this play!