Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Am In Love!

Once in awhile I find a shoe I must have.  My black ones that everybody raves about when they see them.  My sexy boots.  And now these:

Kurtis laughed at me when I showed them to him.  But I really don't care.  These shoes are so beautiful, I may just cry out of sheer joy that they even exist.


Michele said...

You would look great in those shoes! They are pretty awesome. price tag?

sweetlissybug said... I don't want to tell the world, so if you really want to know... ;)

sweetlissybug said...

They come in yellow and turquoise too.

Michele said...

Really? Definitely go with the black and red. :)

sweetlissybug said...

Oh, I already bought them. They will arrive on the 6th. :D I said I just had to have them. ;)

Emi-chi said...

I think I am with Kurtis on this one. :P

Stacey said... are so funny! I actually laughed outloud when I read your post that Robb said what's so funny.

P.S. I LOVE these shoes. Hopefully I will get to see you wear them.