Saturday, April 17, 2010

You Now Know An ADR Master!

Today, I learned a new skill for my acting resume.  It's called ADR.  I can't remember what it stands for.  Audio Digital Recording?  Spencer knows.  I'll ask him.  Well, I was way off.  It stands for Automated Dialogue Replacement!  He he he.  I'm actually pretty excited to have gotten the experience.  It's something I am sure I will use over and over.  So here's what it is.  Basically, Tyler the Director of Photography lost the tape with the boom mic (the microphone the boom operator holds over the actors as they say their lines and do their stuff.  It's really not wierd at all.  You barely know they are there when you are in the moment) audio, so we had to go into this sound proof room with a microphone and say my lines while watching myself say my lines, so I could get them exactly like they appear to be on the screen.  It was difficult to master at first, but my best advice is to watch yourself a few times first, then have your lines memorized so you can concentrate on what your mouth is doing.  It was so much fun to act again!
Considering that sound can easily be messed up by just about anything in a movie, I'm fairly certain, I will have to do it again.  So when I finally let you see this pretty awesome/short film, you can see my sweet ADR skillz!  Hu-zah!


chelebug said...

I can't wait to see it- you at least get a copy right? So next time i visit I can see it? That is, if you don't post it on you tube, which would be awesome so I can see it sooner.

Lissybug said...

Yes, I will get a copy. Spencer may post it on youtube himself, so if he does, I will send you the link. :)