Friday, April 2, 2010

Somebody Had To Die, But My Sister Came. Hooray!!!!!!!!

My sister came into town for a funeral (again).  How many people have to die just so I can see my sister more than once every two years!  The humanity!  Any way, this time it was her husband's grandfather.  He was 91.  Brian told me that he woke up the morning of his death, went outside on his ranch, and did all the chores, came back inside, took a nap, and just never woke up.  He had mild dimensia, but other than that he was healthy.  That's how I want to be when I am old enough to die.  Ninety-one is a good, long life, and he was a good man.  I didn't know him.  But he was a good man because Brian told me so.
They drove all the way over her from Minnesota.  They left on Monday.  Apparently, they only had one kid throw up in the car the whole way there.  Lucky them.  But poor Ana.  She told me she was sitting next to the thrower-upper.  It was gross.  They arrived on Tuesday.  The funeral was Wednesday in Idaho.  Then yesterday, I got to play with my sister and her family.  We went to the bird refuge, had lunch at Riccardos, dyed easter eggs, and had an egg hunt.  I almost ruined Easter by saying I hid them, but we fixed it.  I "helped" the Easter Bunny.  I don't know what my problem is.  As far as I know, my own kids still believe in the Easter Bunny.  I guess I think they are old enough to know the truth.  Easter isn't really about E.B. any way.  I try not to focus on it.  Maybe it was because it wasn't really Easter that day.  There is no justifying it, though.  I talk too much.  I need to shut up and, I'm sorry.  Maybe I just won't blog any more! :
I took pictures.  Pictures are always better than words any way, right?

Yesterday, was also April Fool's Day!  Ben thought it would be funny to take Michele's family's toothbrushes and put them in green jello.  Great prank.  So Michele took his toothbrush, put it in a water bottle, and hid it in the freezer in the garage.  Good times.  Just don't prank me.  I'm not fond of it.

Yes, the kids ate it.  Gross.

The bird refuge.  The view from the visitor's center.  Gorgeous!

We found bird tracks in the cement sidewalk.  I could be wrong, but I think this is a goose footprint.

Cousins!  L2R: Ana, Zach, Isaac, Riley, and Henry.  Kaleb would not get in the picture.  He does not like having his picture taken and William was in the gift shop.

William at Riccardo's.  That's his Uncle Spencer's facial hair in the background.  Pretty sweet.

Dying Easter Eggs!

The artist at work.  His egg is on fire!

The Easter mile.

Yes, that is Jesus.

Michele created the Mona Lisa on her egg.  Such talent!

Hunting for those eggs!  And, yes, it is snowing.  Yippee!  Look at Emily, you'll see it.

He found the last egg!  Whew!


abby said...

it does my heart good that you got to get together. i'm all about family reunions since i'm in the middle of the bloody ocean. maybe someday we'll have a family reunion and meet in real time and space.

Lissybug said...

That would be nice. :)

chelebug said...

yes, it's too bad death brings us together, but it was a good time. You didn't ruin Easter- I don't think the kids noticed your slip. I think Riley does not still believe in the E bunny by the way- he was not convinced by grandma that she did not hide the eggs and was giving her a hard time, I pulled him aside and said, look, my kids still believe in the Easter Bunny so just play along. I just realized if he did believe i might have ruined it for him. Sorry. it was good to see you.